Hot Topic is having a major sale on movie-inspired footwear: Shop 'glass' slippers, 'Toy Story' sneakers and more shoes now

Why just watch your favorite movies when you can wear them? Hot Topic is your destination for affordable film-inspired footwear, including a sweet pair of Toy Story-themed kicks. Here are some of your best buys.

Pizza Planet Delivery Shuttle Sneakers

(Photo: Hot Topic)
Toy Story Pizza Planet shoes (Photo: Hot Topic)

Pixar’s No. 1 pizza joint is always there in 30 minutes or less. Add some of that ‘za speed to your closet with these red-and-white sneakers. Hot Topic has lots of other out-of-this-world Pizza Planet merch as well, such as T-shirts and hoodies.

Shop it: $23.94

Captain Marvel High Top Sneakers

Captain Marvel Hi-Top Sneakers (Photo: Hot Topic)
Captain Marvel shoes (Photo: Hot Topic)

The ‘90s are alive and well with these Marvel-ous high tops, made in the image of Captain Marvel’s red-and-blue costume.

Shop it: $23.94

The Nightmare Before Christmas Patched Faux Leather Sneakers

The Nightmare Before Christmas Patched Faux Leather Sneakers (Photo: Hot Topic)
The Nightmare Before Christmas Patched Faux Leather shoes (Photo: Hot Topic)

Celebrate Halloween year ‘round with these spooky sneakers, adorned with everyone’s favorite walking, talking and singing bag o’bones, Jack Skellington.

Shop it: $25.59

Harry Potter High Top Sneakers

Harry Potter Gryffindor Hi-Top Sneakers (Photo: Hot Topic)
Harry Potter Gryffindor shoes (Photo: Hot Topic)

So the Sorting Hat put you in Hufflepuff rather than Gryffindor? Let your feet do the talking about which Hogwarts house you really belong in. Hot Topic has high tops for all four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Shop it: $23.94 each

The Little Mermaid Silhouette Combat Boots

The Little Mermaid Ariel Silhouette Combat Boots (Photo: Hot Topic)
The Little Mermaid Ariel Silhouette Combat boots (Photo: Hot Topic)

Who wears combat boots? Your favorite mermaid, of course! Celebrate the Disney classic’s 30th anniversary with boots that will become an instant part of your world.

Shop it: $39.92

The Flash Red Basketball Sneakers

DC The Flash Red Basketball Sneakers (Photo: Hot Topic)
DC's The Flash Red Basketball shoes (Photo: Hot Topic)

Race up and down the basketball court with the power of the Speed Force. You’ll have to provide your own costume ring.

Shop it: $27.45

Venom High Top Sneakers

Venom Hi-Top Sneakers (Photo: Hot Topic)
Venom shoes (Photo: Hot Topic)

One thing you can definitely say about these Venom-emblazoned sneakers is that they have mighty long tongues.

Shop it: $19.95

Cinderella Glass Slipper Heels

Disney Cinderella Glass Slipper Heels (Photo: Hot Topic)
Disney's Cinderella Glass Slipper heels (Photo: Hot Topic)

Since actual glass shoes would be seriously dangerous for your feet, Hot Topic has come up with a PVC version that offers all of Cinderella’s style without any of the potential shards.

Shop it: $37.45

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