This 'Stranger Things'-themed 'Dungeons & Dragons' set is our new obsession

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The cast of 'Stranger Things' (Photo: Netflix)
Stranger Things. (Photo: Netflix)

Being Dungeons & Dragons fans just got a whole lot … stranger. The classic role-playing game is partnering with Netflix for a Stranger Things-themed starter kit, ahead of the blockbuster show’s return on July 4. Available April 22, this set looks like it could have been excavated from a suburban basement circa 1985 — the very year that Season 3 supposedly takes place.

Coolest ’80s game ever: a <i>Stranger Things</i> version of <i>Dungeons & Dragons</i>. (Photo: Hasbro)
Coolest ’80s game ever: a Stranger Things version of Dungeons & Dragons. (Photo: Hasbro)

First-time gamers will be happy to know that some of the heavy lifting has been done for you; the game comes with the character sheets that young Mike Wheeler created for himself and his four friends. That means you can play as “Dustin the Dwarf” or “Will the Wise” without having to come up with your own alliterative name. Your mission is also Wheeler-designed: searching for the thessalhydra. We’re assuming that whatever that thing is, it doesn’t look like this nasty guy.

<i>Stranger Things</i>‘ version of the Demogorgon comes to <i>Dungeons & Dragons</i>. (Photo: Hasbro)
Stranger Things‘ version of the Demogorgon comes to Dungeons & Dragons. (Photo: Hasbro)
A peek at what’s inside the box. (Photo: Hasbro)
A peek at what’s inside the box. (Photo: Hasbro)

Other useful tools included in the starter kit include the requisite polyhedral dice, as well as the adventure book and the labyrinthian rulebook. And it all retails for $24.99, which would have been a steal even back in the ’80s. Preorder the Stranger Things D&D experience on Amazon and Entertainment Earth, and be sure to pick up the prequel novel, Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, which turns the clock back to the ’60s, when the most popular board games were Mouse Trap and Twister. Hey, Netflix, how about a Stranger Things version of Twister?

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on July 4.

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