'Despicable Me 3': Watch Gru and Dru Take the Despicamobile Out for a Spin in Exclusive Clip

Batman has the Batmobile. The Ghostbusters have the Ectomobile. And naturally, Gru has the Despicamobile.

You can get a look at Gru’s new wheels in our exclusive clip from the upcoming animated sequel Despicable Me 3 (watch above), which finds the supervillain taking it out for a spin with his twin brother, Dru. (Oh yeah, also new: Gru has a twin brother named Dru.)

It goes from 0 to 400 mph is three seconds, it can withstand a nuclear blast, and best of all, it’s a hybrid. Who says maniacal rogues bent on global domination can’t be environmentally conscious?

Despicable Me 3, which also features the voices of Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Trey Parker, Jenny Slate, Julie Andrews, Steve Coogan, and Russell Brand, crashes into theaters June 30. Watch the trailer:

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