How to Make a Denim Britney and Justin Costume

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From Cosmopolitan

I’m one of those people who loves going all out for Halloween. So when my boyfriend Eric (now fiancé) agreed to do a couple’s costume with me last year, I went on a quest to find a good one that wouldn’t feel too played out. But after lots of research and no dice, Eric suggested we go as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards in their coordinating formal denim outfits. And that’s when I knew he was the one for me. Just kidding - but seriously, it was such a genius idea to pay tribute to one of the greatest red carpet moments of all time. I was down.

The only problem was neither he nor I had a spare denim suit or gown, and since they weren’t selling a costume for Brit and JT at Party City, we had to come up with our own Halloween costume DIY.

I won’t lie, we spent an entire afternoon shopping at a thrift store and figuring out how to make these, but once we were finished with our costumes, we decided they were pretty worth it.

A year later, and people are still talking about our couple’s costume. Watch below and read on to find out just how we did it so you and your boo can too:

Denim Justin How-To:

What you’ll need for JT’s jacket:

  • Lots of old jeans (we bought seven pairs of men’s jeans for both projects)

  • A men’s old suit blazer from a thrift store

  • Iron adhesive paper

  • An iron

  • Scissors

How to make the jacket:

1. Cut long strips of denim from the old jeans and arrange them on the jacket to layout out the denim pattern you want.

2. Then, outline your pre-measured pieces of denim on the iron adhesive paper so it matches the shape of your denim patches perfectly.

3. Iron the paper to the denim pieces. The backside of the denim should be completely covered with the paper. (Follow the instructions on the adhesive paper packaging.)

4. Remove the backing of the paper, and then iron your denim piece onto the blazer to adhere it where you want.

5. Repeat these steps until the entire jacket is covered in denim patches.

6. Glue a pocket from a pair of jeans on the left side for your jacket pocket.

What you’ll need for JT’s hat:

  • A cowboy hat

  • Fabric glue

  • Denim scraps

  • Scissors

How to make the hat:

1. Arrange small scraps of denim all over the hat to create the pattern you want.

2. Glue the scraps in place.

3. Cut the waistband off a pair of jeans.

4. Glue the waistband around the base for your hatband.

Other JT props you’ll need:

  • Jeans to actually wear as pants

  • A blue T-shirt

  • A chain necklace

  • Aviator sunglasses

  • Boots or dress shoes

Denim Britney How-To:

What you’ll need for Brit’s dress:

  • A denim or navy strapless dress

  • Whatever jean scraps you have leftover from Justin

  • Iron adhesive paper

How to make the dress:

1. If you don’t have a strapless navy or denim dress, find something close enough and then cut the top to make it strapless. I found this overall dress and cut off the straps.

2. Remove an entire pant leg from a pair of jeans. Cut the leg all the way down one seam to make a big sheet of denim fabric.

3. Use your iron adhesive paper to attach one end of the paint leg to the bottom of your dress. This is how you’ll make the train.

4. Continue steps two and three until the length of the dress is finished.

5. Add random patches all over for finishing touches.

Other Britney props you’ll need:

  • "Diamond" choker

  • "Diamond" cuff bracelet

  • Silver chain link belt

  • Denim purse

  • Blonde wig (if you’re not already blonde)

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