Delicious, simple TikTok recipes if you're cooking for one

Here are 5 delicious recipes for one that you can make by yourself and for yourself. Table for one, please. 1. Vegetarian Pasta Pomodoro For One. Kick-start the sauce using canned tomatoes, garlic, butter, and seasonings. Bonus points if you have a basil plant at home. 2. Vegetarian Prosciutto Peach Salad For One. The quality of the ingredients is what makes this salad special. Enjoy this recipe outside with a glass of rosé. 3. Super Easy Vegetarian Falafel For One. You no longer have to leave your house for the perfect falafel sandwich. Blend those chickpeas and fry ’em up. 4. Air Fried Vegetarian Carrot Ginger Soup For One. Carrot ginger soup is a healthy favorite that’s filling and easy to make. You probably have a lot of the ingredients in your kitchen already. 5. Vegetarian Ratatouille For One. this version of ratatouille does not disappoint. While this dish is a little more involved, a food processor and a trip to the farmers’ market will take you far