‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Calls Out Crew for Bullying Older Deckhand

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Deadliest Catch deckhand Craig Leake, who goes by the nickname Crabby, is too old and injured to do the more physically demanding jobs like working the rail. Since Crabby tore his rotator cuff, he just works hydraulics and loads bait sacks.

The younger crew was frustrated with Crabby doing less work for an equal share of the pay. Deckhand Zack Larson was particularly annoyed, saying, “Craig’s not physically able to do this job anymore. You know, you can’t really do this job at 57 out here and expect to perform with 28-year-olds. It’s not gonna happen.”

During a grueling cod haul, Crabby made a few mistakes, and Zack chastised him repeatedly. After forgetting to fill a bait sack, Zack called Crabby and his crippled shoulder out, shouting, “Get your strong hand Craig! Where’s the bait sack?”

Fed up with the constant barbs, Capt. Sean Dwyer came down and told the crew, “The way I see it is that you guys want someone else here, but you won’t come up to me and tell me that, so your method of approach is to be bullies, belittle a guy, be a**holes about it to try to get him to leave. And I don’t play that way. … Know your role, shut your hole.”

After realizing what a jerk he was being, Zack apologized to his captain, saying, “I’m sorry for causing disruption on your deck and stuff. … It was wrong and stupid, and I don’t want to be like that. I want to be better than that.” Zack also apologized to old Crabby, who was quick to say “It’s OK.”

Deadliest Catch regularly airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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