David Duchovny shares funny question he asked Judd Apatow before filming sex scene with Leslie Mann

David Duchovny joined The Late Late Show With James Corden, Wednesday, where he spoke about shooting a sex scene with Leslie Mann in their new movie The Bubble, and the awkward question he had to ask Judd Apatow, the film's director and Mann's husband.

"It's in a kitchen, it's at a restaurant, and we're kind of blocked by everything. Nothing sexy about it. All clothes are basically on. And I’m behind Leslie, and I said to Judd, 'Hold on.' We're about to roll. I said, 'Hold on. Judd, can you give me a tempo?'" Duchovny said. "You know, ‘cause he’s a comedy master and I know he knows the funniest f*** tempo. Because, you know, like, 132 BPM, whatever, there's an FPM too that goes into comedy."

Not only did Apatow oblige, he demonstrated what to do, as Duchovny mimicked on the Late Late Show couch. But unfortunately, of the two sex scenes Duchovny and Mann shot for the movie, this one didn't make it in.

"So Judd, bless him, walked out from behind the monitor, gave me the comedy tempo and off we went," Duchovny said. "And it's not in the movie."

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