'Jeopardy!' glitch leaves fans confused and the ending spoiled

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A strange glitch on Monday’s Jeopardy! left many viewers scratching their heads. When it comes to game shows, the stories are usually about contestants winning big or failing spectacularly. This time, however, it appears the mistake came from the production side of things.

Midway through Double Jeopardy!, the contestants' podiums showed totally different scores. Not only were they different, but it also revealed that contestant Jackie Kelly won with a total of $28,801 and contestant Amie Walker came in third place. Oddly, contestant Ryan Guzzo Purcell’s score of $13,200 remained the same.

The glitch did not go unnoticed by fans, who were left scratching their heads. One person tweeted, “Such a weird edit on today’s Jeopardy Midway through double jeopardy, Ryan goes to answer and we see Jackie’s final score and Amie’s placement. I was so confused!!”

While the glitch likely went unnoticed by most viewers, it is a reminder of how fun the game show community can be.

Jeopardy! is a syndicated program; visit Jeopardy.com or check your local listings for the TV schedule.

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