Dave Bautista's New Movie Has an Incredible Premise

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The Killer's Game is the next movie starring Dave Bautista, and it’s already got a winning concept.

Revealed by Lionsgate at CinemaCon, the upcoming action-comedy casts Bautista as a veteran assassin who places a hit on himself after a cancer diagnosis.

However, upon discovering his doctors were wrong and he’s not actually dying, has to fend off a wave of the world’s most dangerous assassins.



This blend of action and laughs suits the former WWE superstar perfectly. He’s proved he can do both with his role as meat-headed alien goofball Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, and by headlining The Killer's Game, those skills can occupy centre stage.

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The Killer's Game is also set to star fellow Marvel actors Ben Kingsley and Pom Klementieff, as well as current WWE superstar Drew McIntyre in one of his first acting roles. Sofia Boutella and Terry Crews also feature.

A behind-closed-doors trailer was shown to CinemaCon audiences, but hasn’t been released yet. The Killer's Game will hit theatres later in 2024.