'I really shouldn’t have said that!' Daniel Kaluuya laments Oscars speech crack about parents having sex.

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Daniel Kaluuya surprised everyone — including his aghast mother in attendance — when he expressed gratitude and joy that his parents had sex while accepting his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Judas and the Black Messiah.

The off-the-cuff crack came toward the end of an emotional speech in which Kaluuya, who portrayed slain Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton, told everyone in the room, “There was work to do” in regards to racial injustice.

Unfortunately for Kaluuya, the sex joke was all reporters seemed to want to talk about after the newly minted Academy Award winner arrived “backstage” in the virtual press room.

Kaluuya seemed defensive at first when he was told he’d just made sure his Oscars speech would live in infamy.

“Is that gonna live on? I think it’s pretty obvious that all of our parents had sex,” Kaluuya replied. “That just came out of my mouth. My mom’s probably gonna text me some stuff, but here we are.”

Reporters backstage caught the very moment Kaluuya may have started to regret the comment.

“Ah, I really shouldn’t have said that — f***,” Kaluuya said, turning to someone near him.

Daniel Kaluuya, winner of Best Supporting Actor for
Daniel Kaluuya, winner of Best Supporting Actor for "Judas and the Black Messiah." (Chris Pizzello, Pool/Getty Images)

He came back around during the next question, though, when asked if he’d had a chance to talk to his mother, Damalie, about it yet.

“I’m gonna avoid my phone for a bit; I think my mom’s not gonna be very happy,” he laughed. “Nah, but she’s gonna be cool. She’s got a sense of humor. We give it to each other. So it’s cool.”

Kaluuya did eventually get asked about his powerhouse portrayal of Hampton, which netted him his first statue in two tries after previously being nominated for Get Out.

“I think more people are gonna know Chairman Fred’s story,” he said of the importance of him winning. “That’s what it’s about, that’s what this is about. It’s about telling the truth and getting it out there. And making sure people see who this man was, and what this man did. ... The fact that I can even stand on this stage with this statue is because of what he did.”

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