The First 'SPECTRE' Poster Finds James Bond in Old-School Gear

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the teaser poster for SPECTRE

From the looks of the first teaser poster for SPECTRE, the next James Bond movie will be a little bit more casual.

Daniel Craig, back for a fourth time as 007, stands locked and loaded in the center of the poster, which the film franchise debuted on Twitter on Tuesday. To casual observers, it might seem like a boring bit of promotional art — after all, it’s a glower-powered a guy against a grey background — but for Bond historians, it actually holds plenty of intrigue.

Here, Bond is wearing a turtleneck, which is not only a bold fashion statement in 2015, but one that calls back several Bond alum. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Back in 1973, Roger Moore went with the tight-fitting black top and a brown gun holster in the finale of Live and Let Die.

Meanwhile, in 2002, Pierce Brosnan’s 007 wore this black cashmere turtleneck sweater while looking way too casual with a gun in Die Another Day.

Fans of the new, Bourne-esqe Bond films need not worry about the sudden turn to the campier clothing; the glimpses we’ve gotten from the set of the Sam Mendes-directed Spectre, it’s still going to be filled with insane action sequences, including mountaintop shootouts.

SPECTRE, which follows the monster success of 2012′s Skyfall, the highest-ever grossing Bond movie, is currently in production throughout Europe. The film hits theaters on November 6.