Your Daily HomeScope for September 23, 2022

·3 min read

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


Something doesn't feel quite right today and you may be prone to feeling easily upset. Make sure you can feel as comfortable as possible with a mid-afternoon nap under your cozy comforter, a soothing bath with lavender bubble bath and a grounding potato leek soup.


If you find yourself looking over the fence at your neighbor's already immaculate garden that seems to look months beyond yours, harness your feelings of jealousy into a well-organized workday. Don't let others' achievements translate into moodiness on your side of the fence.


You have a deep understanding of the need to feed your trees, herb gardens, potted plants, and shrubs -- they're about to need this precious energy for new growth. Spread your compost to feed your garden.


Leafing through old scrapbooks and photo albums brings on a touch of emotional nostalgia. A better channeling of this energy might be to listen to an old mix tape on your ancient Walkman while you give your garden a good tending to.


Channel the energy of your grandmother's antique obsession today as you linger in antique and book stores to find pieces that would add a classic, ornate or solid element to your living space. Do a bit of research online and ask around before you make a final purchase.

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You have the tendency to try to analyze and predict the unseen and unknown today. Making judgments about your housemate's predicament when you only have secondhand information will only get you in to trouble. Let this sentiment manifest itself in mystery novels and television dramas rather than in real life.


Dig deep in your pockets to make some practical investments in your home and garden. While you may tend to be conservative with money and keep a tightly balanced budget, your life could improve if you allow yourself that extension on your porch or a more modern lawn mower.


You have the vision to stand at the edge of your garden and see how it will look as it is blooming with the full manifestation of your efforts. Notice how you would make major and minor adjustments to last year's arrangement -- consider changes to your ornamental borders and colorful new varieties to fill dead space.


Rushing through your entire garden task to-do list isn't a task for you today. Fighting your moods and sluggishness will only result in frustration. Spend your time playing around in the kitchen with vegetables such as radishes and purple sprouting broccoli, or making a tapenade with sardines and parsley.


Take advantage of this day that is ruled by the power of flipped coins and rock/paper/scissors as you execute decisions with precision and grace. Both seemingly insignificant and life-changing decisions are at your fingertips today so go ahead and say 'yes' to the contractor, 'no' to the striped purple couch, and put your order for new garden supplies in the mail.


Spend some quality time in the privacy and sanctuary of your greenhouse. Water and cut back the dead stems of your potted fuchsias and get lost in the daydream of their dangling brilliant red and pink blossoms. Before you know it, they'll be hanging from your porch.


Now is the time to service your mower before you find yourself stuck in the middle of a row of long grass blowing in the breeze. Remember to set your blades a little higher for the first few runs and you'll be basking in the sweet smell of healthy, fresh cut grass in no time.

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