Dad making pancakes for family turns power drill into mixer in hilarious 'dad hack'

A dad is cracking up TikTokers with his power drill hack, and some people say it's pretty genius. Mom and TikToker, Lauren (@lauren.clutter), uploaded the video with the caption, "DAD HACK! Who needs a mixer when you have a drill!?". Since then, the video has been viewed over 70K times, with users flocking to the comments section to praise this dad's ingenuity. And while the idea seems silly at first glance, it actually might be pretty brilliant if you ever find yourself without a mixer. To create his innovative cooking hack, Lauren's husband simply attached a whisk to the end of his drill — essentially transforming it into a high-powered electric whisker. However, if you decide to try this hack yourself at home, be careful not to over-mix your batter. TikTokers were quick to respond to Lauren's video, laughing at her husband's silly "dad hack". Some users simply got a kick out of Lauren's husband and his antics. "Men always gotta use their tools," one user joked