Dad jumps in to blow-dry daughter's hair when she gets too tired to keep going

A loving dad is going viral for stepping in to help his daughter blow-dry her hair, and TikTok is swooning. Posted by the TikTok channel @dealgirls, this touching footage has been viewed over 131K times since it was uploaded, and it's no wonder why. As the video explains, their daughter was blow-drying her hair when she became too tired to continue. But without missing a beat, her sweet father stepped in to help her finish the job — right on his knees on the hardwood floor. And judging by Dad's outfit, it almost appears as though he just got off of work, possibly making the gesture even more touching. TikTokers were quick to jump into the comment section to applaud this loving dad's actions. "What a precious daddy," wrote one user. "Setting those standards high!! Dads are the best!!" commented another user. "Now this, this is the definition of a man, a father, a supporter, a husband, a legacy…" commented another user