Dad has the AUDACITY to ask his ex-wife to babysit his baby with new girlfriend—and Reddit went off

Reddit users are sounding off on a situation that would make anyone shake their heads in disbelief.

A woman posted on the infamous “AITA” subreddit about how her ex-husband has been hounding her to babysit the child he is expecting with his new girlfriend. Her initial answer was no and since then, both the ex and the girlfriend have been making her life harder. Here’s the scoop.

“We have been divorced just about 6 months and he is now expecting a baby with his new girlfriend. I’m admittedly not over him. We were together 10 years, my entire adulthood. It was and is a messy split,” she writes.

The OP (original poster) shares that she is already a mom to two kids she shares with the ex. As she puts it, they didn’t want to put their kids in daycare so she became a SAHM and ended up starting her own business because of it. Now, she runs her business and is still able to care for the kids from home.

“Now, ex’s girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and they got in a huge fight because she asked him to tour daycares and he said absolutely not, he wants her to stay home with the baby, none of his kids are to go in daycare.”

The mother of two continues her story and says that her ex and the girlfriend have been fighting over this issue so he called her to vent. And that’s when he had the audacity to ask her for babysitting help. “He asked if I would be willing to take care of their baby since I’m home with our two and get help from my parents and when I have to take the kids to the office I can because I own it.”

When she refused, the situation took a turn for the worse. The ex has been calling and texting and the girlfriend cornered her during pick-up and drop-off. But, that’s not all. The new girlfriend also got her family and friends to “review bomb” this woman’s business!

The mother of two updated her post to include that the new girlfriend is in fact the woman that the ex-husband cheated on her with. Surprise, surprise.

“Yes, my ex was cheating with his girlfriend for some time before we divorced, I don’t know how long exactly and don’t think I want to know,” she writes.

She also included that she is exploring legal options with a lawyer. Good for her!

I can’t even begin to comprehend where this man found the gumption to ask his ex-wife for babysitting help, especially when he cheated on her. But also, why does he expect the new girlfriend to just stay home with the baby? The writer also included that the new girlfriend is a nurse, FYI.

Motherly’s annual State of Motherhood report found that eighteen percent (18%) of mothers in the sample changed jobs or left the workforce in the past year. The top reasons cited are staying at home with children (28%) and lack of childcare (15%).

Reddit was all too ready to be let this woman know that she has EVERY right to refuse their ask.