Corey Feldman Stopped Performing Mid-Concert to Find His Missing Tooth

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Actor Corey Feldman is famous for his roles in ’80s films such as The Goonies and Stand by Me, but he’s also a musician who has taken his act on the road this summer with his “Angelic 2 the U.S.” tour.

While performing at a concert at Shank Hall in Milwaukee recently, Feldman accidentally hit his mouth on the microphone and knocked out his tooth. A grainy video of the incident posted by the Milwaukee Record captured the moment.

Feldman walked off the stage momentarily to deal with his injury before returning to tell the audience what happened: “I smashed myself in the face and my tooth came out. We’re gonna try to find it.”

According to eyewitnesses at the concert, Feldman then spent a considerable amount of time looking for the missing chomper. Fortunately, a fan near the front of the stage found the tooth and returned it to him — and ever the consummate professional, Corey continued to perform.

This is the latest in a string of odd gigs for Feldman. His eccentric performance of “Go 4 It” last September on the Today show went viral and was widely panned on social media.

He returned to the show a few weeks later to address the haters, and released a Facebook Live video thanking his fans for their support.

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