Chris Redd Mentors a Group of Overweight Kids in 'Fat Camp': Watch Exclusive Trailer

When you’re looking for a comedy about overweight kids enduring a raucous summer at a woodland getaway, your list pretty much has started and stopped with 1995’s Heayvweights. That’ll change this week, however, when Fat Camp — a new feature starring Chris Redd (Popstar: Never Stop Stopping) and featuring Vivica A. Fox — premieres at the L.A. Film Festival before making its exclusive debut on BET next month. Ahead of its theatrical bow, Yahoo Movies has the exclusive debut of its trailer (watch it above), which makes clear it’ll be providing gross-out gags and empowering-underdog uplift in equal measure.

In Fat Camp, Redd’s immature Hutch is forced — at knifepoint — by his mom (Fox) to get a job at the local camp for heavyset kids. There, he looks to woo a sexy colleague (Anabelle Acosta) while making numerous jokes at the campers’ expense. Nonetheless, director Jennifer Arnold’s fictional debut won’t just be a mean-spirited affair, as amid its bits involving counselors puking on their superiors, and women throwing beer bottles at men’s heads, it’ll also deliver some inspirational dramedy, with the kids embracing their true selves with Hutch’s help, and Hutch himself learning how to grow up in the process.

Fat Camp is set to premiere at the L.A. Film Festival on Wednesday, and then on BET in July.

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