Kevin Farley on Growing Up With -- And Getting Beat Up By -- His Brother Chris Farley

The late Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Farley had three brothers and a sister growing up in Madison, Wisconsin. So yes, there were a lot of sibling beatdowns. “We had a couple brawls, yeah. We’re Irish,” Kevin Farley tells Yahoo Movies by way of explanation in the video above. Kevin — who’s also an actor and comedian — appears in and executive produced the new documentary about his brother, I Am Chris Farley, which is in select theaters now and will premiere on Spike TV on Aug. 10.

The “Irish twins” Chris and Kevin, as well as brothers Tom and John, fought against each other for laughs from their parents, too. “We looked at comedy as a competitive thing, so if you were funnier that day, you’d get a star. We’d always take the nod to who was funnier.”

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In the documentary, the Farley brothers talk about how the advent of VCRs changed their lives; they could suddenly consume their favorite movies on repeat. “Literally, on a loop we had Caddyshack, Blues Brothers, A History of the World from Mel Brooks,” he said. “We would watch them constantly, over and over again.” And of course they would act them out, too. Eventually, Kevin said, “we would answer each other in movie quotes.”

Watch Kevin Farley talk about Chris Farley’s original recording as Shrek: