What is the ‘childhood trauma’ test on TikTok? How do you take it?

People are using a “childhood trauma” test to assess their mental health and well-being.

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The test is by the health care app BetterMe. It’s a one-minute quiz that uses experiences from your upbringing to determine your emotional struggles. TikTokers are sharing their results, and many of them are shocked that their pasts weren’t as cracked up as they remember. The hashtag #childhoodtraumatest currently has 2.3 million views.

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What is the ‘childhood trauma’ test on TikTok?

The BetterMe quiz asks questions about issues you might grapple with, like guilt, abandonment and mistrust. It asks questions like, “Do you remember yourself in childhood?” “Were you often punished in childhood?” and “Have you been slapped or spanked?”

The results assess things like abandonment, rejection, betrayal, injustice, anxiety, stress, frustration and focus levels. An email is required to access your test results. Once the test is completed, you can also opt for a 28-day childhood trauma plan.

“POV: U took the childhood trauma test & thought it couldn’t b THAT bad,” @cococyren wrote in a caption. Her anxiety, stress, frustration and focus were all at severe levels.

“Childhood trauma test? I don’t think it’ll be anything bad. My childhood was amazing!” @camillia001 said in the video text. Her results revealed otherwise.

“Me taking the childhood trauma test, thinking it can’t be that bad and that some online test won’t confirm anything for me,” @polyamprincess wrote in a caption. The quiz revealed she had abandonment, betrayal and injustice trauma.

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