'Chicago Fire' Fans, A New Clip May Have Shared Brett’s Response to Casey’s Proposal

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Is Brett Going to Marry Casey on 'Chicago Fire'?NBC - Getty Images

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This story contains spoilers from Chicago Fire season 11.

Chicago Fire aired its season 11 finale not too long ago, and the cliffhanger ending left many viewers anticipating what's to come from Casey (Jesse Spencer)'s surprise proposal to longtime love Brett (Kara Killmer). While the show had folks wondering what her answer would be, a surprise video may have just revealed a major clue about the couple's future.

ICYMI, the ending of season 11 saw Casey return to Chicago from Portland, Oregon to assist on the breakthrough of a case his former teammates were working on. But unlike other unexpected visits, he made sure to not let Brett get away after he learned her boyfriend Dylan (Christopher Allen) dumped her after she decided to pursue adopting a baby. As a result, he showed up at her door with a ring in hand, ready to step into the next phase of their lives. In a heart-pumping twist, the show ended as Brett attempted to answer.

But thanks to a behind-the-scenes video actress Kara Killmer posted on Instagram on June 3, fans may have learned what Brett's answer could possibly be. The short video showed her and actor Jesse Spencer rehearsing the pivotal proposal scene with him even pulling out the costume ring used in the series. While Kara didn't necessarily answer, we do hear a crew member share their opinion.

"Say no," said the unnamed person off camera, causing both Kara and Jesse to laugh.

While production may have voiced their thoughts on the status of Brettsey's relationship, the Chicago Fire fandom didn't necessarily agree. Instead, they shared how much they want to see the duo back together on their small screens.

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'Chicago Fire'


"So excited for season 12. I really hope Sylvie said yes but please don’t leave," one person commented on Instagram. "SHE BETTER NOT SAY NO 😭😭," a different follower begged. "I know you can't say but I do hope Brett says yes. Both of them need each other just saying," another added.

For those who don't remember, Casey (and subsequently, Jesse) left the NBC drama in the middle of season 10 to help raise his best friend Darden (Corey Sorenson)'s sons years after his death in season 3. While he has come back to Chicago over the years, Casey's proposal infers that he wants to build a life with the woman who possibly got away and the kids he now thinks of as his own.

While it's unclear what Sylvie's answer will actually be, we're already counting down the days until we see what happens with Brettsey next.

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