Who Is Cher’s Boyfriend? Alexander Edwards’ Age & Job

How old is Cher's boyfriend Alexander Edwards age
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For fans curious about Cher‘s current boyfriend, here’s the scoop. The pop star’s legendary music career has undeniably shaped the industry, earning her a spotlight in the media. Alongside her professional success, Cher’s high-profile dating history has also garnered attention. Recently, netizens have been wondering about Cher’s boyfriend Alexander Edwards, and his age.

Read on to find out all the answers.

Who is Cher dating in 2024?

Cher is dating Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards in 2024.

Cher and Edwards’s romance rumors began swirling in October 2022 during Paris Fashion Week, where they reportedly had a 15-minute conversation. From there on, Cher revealed that one of their mutual friends provided him with her number. She fell in love with him over a text as per People. Right next month, they were spotted together in Los Angeles, holding hands, further fueling speculation about their relationship.

Things went official when Cher took to her social media and posted on X (formally known as Twitter) to confirm her whirlwind romance with Edwards. She posted a picture of a pear-shaped diamond ring and captioned it with “THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E.”

Fans believed the two were engaged, following Edwards’s gift to Cher. However, this was not the case and the two later parted ways. Then a few months later, Us Weekly reported that the two were enjoying each other’s company again.

How old is Cher’s boyfriend, Alexander Edwards?

Alexander Edwards, born in 1986, is currently 37 years old.

There is a 40-year age gap between the iconic singer and Edwards. Despite this, Cher has been outspoken in response to public comments about their age difference, emphasizing that “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES



In a previous interview with Extra, Cher jokingly disclosed that at times they have funny miscommunication and struggle to understand references. Despite the age gap, she revealed how they talk about “everything” and definitely get “each other.”

What is Alexander Edwards’ job?

Alexander Edwards is a music executive at Universal Music Group, a prominent record label associated with big names, such as Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. Additionally, he serves as a music producer overseeing his close friend Tyga’s independent record label, Last King Records. Alexander also teamed up with his girlfriend Cher on her Christmas album last year.

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