CES 2024: The 15+ Best Smart Home Tech Finds for Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Nursery and More

CES 2024 took place in Las Vegas from Jan. 8-12, and The Hollywood Reporter‘s shopping editors and product reviewers were on the ground scouting the best new products in consumer tech from over 4,000 exhibitors. From transparent TVs and audio essentials, to cutting-edge beauty devices and futuristic vehicles and beyond, we’re sharing our top finds from the expo. Follow all of our CES coverage here.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, home life is getting more accessible, healthier and smarter. Among our favorite finds were smart gadgets for every room (and inhabitant) in the house, from portable moss-powered humidifiers and smart pet feeding hubs, to baby monitors that’ll even translate your little one’s cries.

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Ahead, check out some of the coolest smart home tech products we spotted at CES 2024.

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Best Products at CES 2024: Kitchen Appliances & Food Tech

CES 2024: The Best New Smart Home Tech Products
CES 2024: The Best New Smart Home Tech Products


GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

Home chefs can finally get that mouth-watering smoky finish indoors — without setting off smoke alarms.


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We literally followed our appetites to GE Profile’s CES booth, where we taste-tested (more than once) fresh samples of cajun-spiced popcorn made with the new Smart Indoor Smoker. The built-in temperature probe and active smoke filtration means you can whip up everything from smoked brisket and cocktail ingredients indoors without overcooking or making your smoke alarm go off, thanks to a process that circulates smoke from the fired wood pellets inside. The pellets are extinguished and then automatically collected in a water tank for quick and easy cleanup.

Using the GE Profile+ app or the controls directly on the countertop appliance, you can set the smoker temperature and level, cook time, auto warming that keeps temps for up to 24 hours and more; there are also six preset programs for popular meats such as brisket, pork ribs and butt, salmon, and chicken wings and breast.

Kara Pod Coffee Maker
Kara Pod Coffee Maker


Kara Pod Self-Refilling Coffee Machine

Fresh joe and clean water, all in one.

The Kara Pod isn’t your average water dispenser. Using the same unique process at its award-winning Kara Pure that makes alkaline water from air, the decidedly more affordable countertop device doubles as a self-refilling coffee machine that’s compatible with your favorite Keurig K-cups.

It’s essentially a smaller, more compact version of the Kara Pure, which pulls humidity from the air via desiccant technology and turns those droplets into drinkable, 9.2+ pH water by processing it with carbon and alkaline mineralized filters. (The larger unit won a Time Best Investions 2022 award and was a CES Innovations Awards 2023 honoree.)

Kara is currently taking reservations for a refundable $29 deposit; 1,000 units will be available for the discounted $249 reserve price.

Exobrew Craft Gen 3 Beer Brewer
Exobrew Craft Gen 3 Beer Brewer


Exobrew Craft Beer Brewer

DIY brewmasters will be happy to splurge on this at-home machine that turns their kitchen into a tap room.

At-home brewing isn’t new, but Exobrew’s new Craft beer maker simplifies the ale-making process for budding brewmasters who don’t want to fuss with lots of accoutrements. It uses a reverse heating/cooling method and does all of the mashing, boiling, cooling and cleaning on its own, and each batch stays fresh for up to three months and serves up to 13 pints. Simply plug in the device, add your yeast and ingredients and tend to your brew when residue needs removing. When it’s done, you can tap your drinks directly from the keg.

The brewer comes with two smart kegs, allowing users to make pro-quality pale ales, lagers and stouts. The company is launching with three types of pre-made brew packs (New England IPA with 5% ABV, Krummi Brewery’s Icelandic Pale Ale and Brothers in Law’s Hopfenweisse) with minimum fermentation times of seven to 16 days, and you can add your own favorite locally-sourced ingredients to customize your recipe. (It can also make kombucha and ciders.)

As for what makes this mini brewery “smart”? The accompanying iOS or Android app lets you track the status of your brewing, find recipes and order more brew packs. The Minibrew Pro Membership gives brewers even more control with customization, access to the company’s community and an online market with over 10,000 craft beer recipes.

Exobrew is offering discounts of up to $220 on pre-orders, and products start shipping in summer (just in time for your backyard hangs.)

Bunafr Coffee Roaster Machine at CES 2024
Bunafr Coffee Roaster Machine at CES 2024


Bunafr Coffee Roaster

Coffee connoisseurs can finally get expert barista-level java at home.

For the serious at-home barista, the appeal of Bunafr’s smart coffee roaster isn’t just in the hands-on personalization, or the app-enabled controls. The company works directly with women-owned farms to source unroasted green coffee beans, thereby eliminating the middleman, paying farmers fairly, reducing the carbon footprint and passing along savings to customers.

Another selling point: Bunafr’s beans have a Cup of Excellence rating of at least 85, and you can absolutely taste it. When we stopped by Bunafr’s CES booth and sampled the Kenya beans (in liquid coffee form), we savored every vibrant and fruity layer of lemon, orange and peach. The startup offers well over a dozen blends, each with a recommended roast level. Bags start at about $9 per pound for a monthly subscription — a fraction of the cost of your favorite bag of third-wave coffee. (Pre-roasted beans from other coffee subscription services might cost you an average of $30 or more per pound.)

The app lets you create custom roast profiles, control the roasting process in real-time, manage your subscriptions, connect with your fellow java lovers and more. Bunafr is available for pre-order now and starts shipping in March.

Best Products at CES 2024: Bath Tech

Laifen Wave Toothbrushes
Laifen Wave Toothbrushes


Laifen Wave Toothbrush

You won’t mind showing off this artful toothbrush on your bathroom counter.


Coming Soon: Laifen Wave

Shop Laifen at Amazon

We’re already fans of Laifen’s affordable hair dryers (which have been compared to the Dyson Supersonic), and the tech-powered beauty brand is expanding to oral care with its stylish new Wave electric toothbrush. We witnessed it in action at CES and saw how dual-action mode makes it a piece of (cavity-free) cake to thoroughly clean your pearly whites. It vibrates and oscillates with a 60-degree range, so you get that up-and-down brushing motion recommended by dentists without any effort. The toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof rated, giving it a seamless design that looks particularly luxe in the stainless steel option; it also comes in equally sleek ABS plastic and aluminum alloy ($69-$79).

The Laifen Wave has three settings with 10 intensity options, so those with sensitive gums can brush comfortably. It comes with three replaceable brush heads (gum care, super clean and ultra-whitening), and replacements will cost $10 for a three-pack or $17 for a six-pack. The base comes with a magnetic charger, eliminating the need for batteries.

Per Laifen, the toothbrush and accessories will be available at Laifentech.com and Amazon starting March 5.

Bemis BioBidet BB-1200 Bidet Toilet Seat
Bemis BioBidet BB-1200 Bidet Toilet Seat


BioBidet BB-1200 Toilet Seat

Your phone is already your bathroom buddy, so use it to make your throne smarter and more luxurious.


Coming Soon: BioBidet BB-1200

Shop Bio Bidet at Amazon

If your vision of the future involves cleaning your undercarriage with an app (or you just love a luxurious bathroom experience), then BioBidet‘s newest BB-1200 bidet seat is for you. It’s the company’s first accessory enabled with its Bemis Living app, which lets Apple and Android users customize and control their bidet (because your phone is already your bathroom buddy.)

Whether you use the included remote control or your phone app, enjoy a heated seat, warm water, rear and front washing, a warm air dryer and a turbo wash option. Other features include a self-cleaning nozzle, a quiet closing seat, a seat sensor and a night light; you can also create user presets so other household members can go No. 1 or 2 like royalty. Based on our experience with the brand’s other electric bidets, installation is easy — no additional plumbing required — so long as you have an outlet within four feet of your toilet.

Kohler Spa Viva showerhead
Kohler Spa Viva showerhead


Kohler Spa Viva Handshower

The ultimate shower accessory for your at-home spa.

Launching in early 2024, Kohler’s new SpaViva handshower is an all-in-one face and body cleansing device that creates microbubbles in the water to penetrate the skin for a deeper clean. Beauty lovers can add even more self-care to their shower routine with four accessories: a face brush that can be used with your favorite cleansers, a body brush, a body scrubber for rough heels and calluses, and a body massager for the ultimate spa-like experience.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 90 minutes and magnetic docking station.

Best Smart Products at CES 2024: Wearables

Lotus Smart Ring
Lotus Smart Ring


Lotus Ring

Point-and-click convenience and accessibility at your fingertips.

Pre-Order Lotus Ring

Founded by a former Apple engineer, Lotus’ genius smart ring lets wearers control lights, TVs and objects with manual electric switches. It comes with three magnetic covers that attach to any existing wall switch, and the ring uses infrared tech (no need to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to control whatever is “connected” to the switch covers. Pre-orders require a refundable $5 deposit (we’re guessing this helps the company get an idea of production expectations) and delivery begins this fall; final pricing is pending.

Best Smart Home Products at CES 2024: Vacuums & Air Purifiers

Narwal Freo X Ultra robot vacuum
Narwal Freo X Ultra robot vacuum


Narwal Freo X Ultra Robot Vacuum

Pet owners, rejoice: this new tangle-free vacuum mop is here to leave floors sparkling.

Shop Narwal at Amazon $1,499

Narwal upgraded its best-selling Freo robot mop and vacuum combo with even stronger suction, new anti-tangling Hairodynamic brushes and and a U-shaped air duct made of aviation-grade metal for uninterrupted and streamlined air flow. The self-cleaning Freo X Ultra boasts an impressive 8,200 PA suction power, while the Freo X Plus will have 7,800 PA. Improving upon the existing triangular mop pad system, the robot scrubs at 180rpm with enough downward pressure to leave floors sparkling, while the EdgeSwing feature helps the device clean corners and crevices.

Instead of emptying and storing waste in the base station, dirt is compressed, air-dried and stored in a 1-liter disposable dustbag within the Freo X robot itself, and only needs to be emptied every 60 days. When it comes to mopping, the device’s DirtSense feature can detect if floors need additional cleaning and will revisit areas until the job is done.

Other smart features include a LiDAR (light detecting and ranging) sensor to avoid obstacles, remote and voice controls via the app, an auto-drying feature and humidity and dampness sensors that optimize results while avoiding bacteria and mold buildup.

Moss Labs Air Purifier and Humidifier
Moss Labs Air Purifier and Humidifier


Moss Air Humidifier

A chic terrarium with smart wellness benefits for your home.


Coming soon: Moss Air Humidifier

Backed by a successful Indiegogo campaign and now in production, South Korean-based company Moss Air’s desktop humidifier and air purifier harnesses the cleaning power of moss, which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and works as a natural dust filter. Seeing it up close at CES, we loved the sleek, terrarium-like design, giving it an organic-modern look with the benefit of cleaning your air. Unless you forget to mist your greens, the moss panels should last up to 30 years (you can also buy replacement panels that Moss Labs says are made of eco-friendly and natural materials.)

During our demo, the user experience felt intuitive — and dare we say, elevated — with a magnetic ball used to switch between modes by plugging or unplugging the top air release vent. It boasts a battery life of up to eight hours, and is compact and portable for moving from your desk to your bedside. Watching the self-misting feature is quite a meditative activity, too.

Ecovacs Winbot W2 Window Cleaning Robot
Ecovacs Winbot W2 Window Cleaning Robot


Ecovacs Winbot W2 Pro Window Cleaning Robot

This robot is ready to do your windowpane’s dirty work.

$340 $400 15% off

Coming Soon: Winbot W2 Omni

Wish you had those algae eater fish for your dirty windows? Consider Ecovacs’ upgraded Winbot W2 Omni window cleaning robot as your smart tech equivalent. The latest generation of the Winbot is more portable and quieter than its predecessor and now comes with an all-in-one station comes wit at CES on a demo window, it easily suctioned onto the glass and moved in an intuitive path while cross-spraying for thorough cleaning. The microfiber pad left the surface streak-free and clear, too, and it can be set to one of four modes: fast, deep, spot or custom cleaning.

When it comes to frameless glass (such as a shower wall or door), the Winbot can detect edges for precise cleaning. Ecovacs says it can clean indoors and outdoors; it’s also got a safety carabiner and tether in the event the robot disconnects from the glass. Of course, you can also control it remotely with the company’s app.

Heatbit Mini Heater, Air Purifier, Bitcoin Miner
Heatbit Mini Heater, Air Purifier, Bitcoin Miner


Heatbit Mini

Heating and cooling just got greener (in more ways than one).

A heater that purifies air, mines bitcoins and earns you cash back? That’s the thinking behind CES Innovation Awards honoree the energy-efficient Heatbit Mini, starts at $799 and boasts “cutting-edge silicon chips that execute trillions of complex computations per second,” a process that mines bitcoins (and creates cash back for users) while simultaneously generating heat. The company says the three-in-one device mines 10TH/s on just 400w of energy consumption — which is average for most heaters — on the same tech used in Apple’s iPhones and Macs.

You can split the price with Heatbit and pay only $419, and share half of your bitcoin earnings with the company. Pay the full price tag and keep all of your earnings; plus, filter subscriptions include a lifetime warranty. Heatbit says the unit can help owners earn up to $15 per month.

ECOVACS Airbot Z2 Air Purifier Robot
ECOVACS Airbot Z2 Air Purifier Robot


Ecovacs Airbot Z2 Air Purifier Robot

This roaming air purifier promises fresh air in every room.

Shop Ecovacs on Amazon

We’re patiently awaiting the U.S. launch of Ecovacs’ Airbot Z2 Air Purifier Robot, which we’re told will debut first in Asia. We had a chance to see the robot in person at CES, and loved the idea of an air-cleaning gadget that can move from room to room eliminating the need for a device for every space. Like Ecovacs’ other smart devices, it can recognize furniture and other objects for safe and efficient navigation and boasts accurate 2D and 3D mapping. (We’ve experienced this accuracy with our own Ecovacs robot vacuums at home.)

And as far as the air purification feature, Ecovacs says that the Airbot Z2 filters PM1 particles and air pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide and acetic acids, as well as odors. It triples as a humidifer and aroma diffuser, and the panel has a real-time air quality monitor that tells you the air temperature and levels of humidity, pollutants and particles.

The built-in 960p HD camera not only takes clear photos, but it can be used to video-patrol your home when you’re away. (There’s also manual shutter for privacy and peace of mind.) It’s worth noting that Ecovacs says it encrypts all data and video gathered by its robot vacuums to protect users from potential hackers accessing cameras through unsecured wireless networks. The company only uses customer data for research and development if users agree to join their product improvement program.

Best Smart Home Products at CES 2024: Security Cameras & Safety Tech

Maxi-Cosi 360 See Pro Baby Monitor
Maxi-Cosi 360 See Pro Baby Monitor


Maxi-Cosi See Pro 360 Baby Monitor

Decoding baby’s cries just got easier with the help of this smart AI-powered camera.


Buy Now at Maxi-Cosi

Nobody ever said parenting is easy, but Maxi-Cosi’s new See Pro 360 baby monitor may make it (slightly) less stressful. The brand’s AI-led CryAssist technology can not only sense when your baby is crying, but also why: essentially, you’ll know if it’s a hangry, gassy or tired kind of cry. (You get six months free of the CryAssist subscription with purchase of the device.)

The adorably-designed camera delivers 2K Ultra HD livestreaming, 360-degree monitoring and night vision, and the five-inch Parent Display doesn’t require Wi-Fi to monitor live video. Caregivers can monitor via their smartphone, save videos, communicate with little ones via two-way talk and control the view and zoom of the encrypted video stream (so you also know that your content is private and safe). On top of all of that, there’s a built-in speaker that plays white noise and music, pus sensors that detect motion, temperature and humidity.

It’s now available online at Maxi-Cosi’s website and coming soon to Amazon and to Nordstrom in March.

Best Smart Home Products at CES 2024: Outdoor Tech

Bird Buddy Smart Camera Bird Feeder
Bird Buddy Smart Camera Bird Feeder

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Solar Roof

Buy Now at Best Buy $300

Shop Bird Buddy at Amazon

Birdwatchers — celebrity or otherwise — can add to their lists and aid conservation efforts with Bird Buddy’s smart bird feeder camera, which comes in a solar-powered option. Designed to take high-resolution wildlife photos, the camera uses AI to identify over 1,000 bird species and captures HD photos and livestreams video. The weather-resistant feeder housing is made of recycled plastic.

Bird Buddy’s phone app can alert you when a feathered friend is flying in to visit, and you’ll also get a notification and photos if you miss a rare bird sighting. The app also helps birders to track each species’ migration and get tips on how to attract certain birds that frequent their area, too.

Segway Navimow i SEries 110 robot lawnmower
Segway Navimow i SEries 110 robot lawnmower


Segway Navimow i Series Robotic Lawnmower

Maintaining your lawn just got easier and smarter.

Shop Segway at Amazon

Best-selling electric scooter company Segway is upgrading its existing Navimow lawn mower lineup with a new — and smarter — wire-free model. Launching early this year, the smart mower features programmable AI assistant mapping and an upgraded Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) for even more accurate location positioning. It can automatically detect lawn edges, landscaping (such as trees and bushes) and obstacles (including moving pets and kids), while the app lets users control the lawnmower remotely, cut grass in specific patterns, set mowing zones and schedule start times.

Best of Products of CES 2024: Pet Accessories

Pawport Dog Door
Pawport Dog Door


Pawport Smart Pet Door

$459 and up

Pre-Order Pawport

Pawport’s easy-to-install pet door upgrades your furry friend’s basic flap into a sleek, smart and safe entryway. At CES, we watched the door open and close smoothly and seamlessly at the command of a Bluetooth collar tag, ensuring that only approved animals (and not your local four-pawed bandit) get inside. Pet parents can use Pawport’s app to lock and unlock the door remotely, adjust the door’s sensitivity, track entry and exit, control multiple doors, set curfew times for specific pets and more. You can even customize the design to match your home’s interiors, too.

Pawport starts at $459 and will be available at pawport.com in spring 2024.

Ilume Dog Wellbeing Smart Suite
Ilume Dog Wellbeing Smart Suite


Ilume Dog Wellbeing Smart Suite

$250 $350 29% off

Buy Now at Ilume

Australia-based Ilume makes it easy for pup parents to manage their dog’s health. The water-resistant smart collar tracks your furry pal’s activity, sleep cycle, steps and behavior patterns — and based on that data, the connected app and smart hub give you personalized recommendations on feeding and pet care. The smart bowl indicates the ideal portion of food based on your dog’s health data (such as their daily routine and fitness levels), and you get Ilume’s subscription free for six months; after that, it’s just $5 per month.

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