Céline Dion loves spontaneously breaking into song

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In case you haven’t jumped on the Céline Dion is awesome train just yet, allow us to give you one more reason to join everyone who’s pledging their allegiance to the Canadian chanteuse and her fabulous wackiness.

Céline Dion has a song in her heart 24/7. (Image: Hello Canada)
Céline Dion has a song in her heart 24/7. (Image: Hello Canada)

Dion was in Montreal yesterday to launch her new handbag line, when someone in the crowd asked her about her love life. Dion’s response? To sing Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” in a near perfect impression of the Bajan singer. Have a look:

But this is the Céline Dion way: to break into song at any given moment, with or without provocation. Take this year’s Met Gala, for example. It was Dion’s first, and there was no question she was going to be in a celebratory mood. Plus, Vogue was behind the scenes with her as she prepared, hinting at the summer fashion tour-de-force to come. But when Dion found herself in the museum hall, which was mostly empty and offered perfect acoustics, she couldn’t help but belt out something.

And then there were the Billboard Awards. Though Dion was slated to perform her hit “My Heart Will Go On,” she couldn’t resist singing along with Cher as the legend performed “Believe,” which Dion watched with rapt attention on the monitors backstage. She even led everyone in a Cher sing-along. Even civilians aren’t immune to Dion’s spontaneous singing charms!

Dion even breaks into song while breaking into song. Case in point: her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last September. When DeGeneres surprised Dion post-performance with a host of rap lyrics she wanted Dion to sing — including Missy Elliott’s “Work It” and Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” — Dion responded by breaking into opera, and later, transitioning from singing rap to singing Sia’s “Chandelier.”

Of course, nothing beats candid documentary footage of Dion backstage at her Vegas show. As this supercut of Dion Awesomeness shows, she will burst into song anytime, anywhere. She does it during interviews. She does it during fan meet-and-greets, crooning the Elvis classic “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” And she does it when hanging with her wardrobe crew, suddenly bleating a spirited rendition of “Who Let the Dogs Out?,” then strutting around like a rooster as they sing back to her.

Of course, Dion will also break into song if you ask her to. Witness this somber interview with Larry King on the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death, in 2010, when King asked Dion to sing a little something. She obliged, crooning an a cappella rendition of “Imagine.”

Wherever she goes and whatever she does throughout the rest of this year, we can’t wait to see what else inspires Dion to launch into spontaneous song.

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