Candace Cameron Bure says returning to Hallmark Christmas movie set was like stepping into a 'little piece of heaven' amid pandemic

Candace Cameron Bure has returned to work to film her upcoming Hallmark Channel movies. (Photo: Getty Images)
Candace Cameron Bure has returned to work to film her upcoming Hallmark Channel movies. (Photo: Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is back at work after spending nearly half the year quarantining with her family in Los Angeles during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. While filming a movie in Canada, she says that her return to set was a nice escape.

“I kind of felt like I stepped into a little piece of heaven,” the actress tells Yahoo Entertainment of filming her upcoming movie If Only I Had Christmas for the Hallmark Channel. “It’s been a crazy past five months, and now I got to literally step inside the warmest, most hope-filled season of the year. So it’s been quite blissful shooting Christmas.”

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas,” according to her social media handles, went on to explain how unusual it is to shoot a holiday film in the summer heat. “I’m extremely hot wearing coats and sweaters and scarves in the summer heat,” she says. “But I don’t care because it’s Christmas and it’s joyful.”

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Bure says that she’s been in Canada for the past eight weeks to film her Aurora Teagarden Mysteries movie series prior to working on the Christmas film. Both projects are for the Hallmark Channel, which Bure has worked with since 2008. Despite the backlash the network has received in response to news that it would be introducing LGBTQ storylines within its lineup of upcoming holiday films, the actress is excited to continue her work with the network.

“I have a long history,” she says of her work there. “Hallmark Channel has been just wonderful and I’m going to continue to make the family-friendly films that I have over the years and continue to entertain people.”

Most importantly, Bure says that her focus remains on staying safe while doing her job amid the pandemic. “The COVID-19 rates are very low up here in British Columbia, so there’s lots of protocols that we’re all going through. Everyone’s being completely safe,” she explains. “It’s been so wonderful to be able to get back to work.”

The mother-of-three still reflects fondly on the time that she spent with her children quarantining at home during the pandemic. Bure even became a regular user and creator on TikTok as well as Instagram’s recently launched Reels with the help of her influencer daughter Natasha.

“My TikTok and my Reels game has gotten strong during this time of quarantine and being at home... It’s a connection point,” she says of making fun videos with her 22-year-old daughter. “That’s such a massive part of most of our kids’ lives, social media. So as a parent you can join in the fun, you can take the embarrassing route, like embarrassing your children if you want. Sometimes that doesn’t always go over well. It’s a fun way to connect.”

Bure has even employed Natasha’s expertise for her latest partnership with same-day delivery service Shipt, encouraging parents to use the service for their children’s back-to-school supplies and to do the Shipt Shuffle Challenge.

“So, Natasha created this video for me,” Bure jokes. “She made up the dance and she sent me a video of her doing it because I wanted to make sure I did do it well and right, all that stuff. So Natasha’s like my wing girl. She’s always got my back... She’s kind of the queen with these dance videos.”

And much like the fun dance challenge, Bure says that she teamed up with the brand to ensure that the back-to-school process is fun for both parents and students who might already be dealing with stress and anxiety during this time.

“It’s a fun way to kick off back-to-school because it does look so different for everyone this year. Some are able to go to school, a lot are doing it online this year. And yet, we still all need the supplies,” she says. “So we’re just trying to make it a little fun, dance our way into the school year and get people excited when it’s a challenging time in life.”

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