Canadian influencer gets real in body transformation post: 'Change is not failure'

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Sarah Nicole Landry is better known as
Sarah Nicole Landry is better known as "The Birds Papaya" online. (Photo via Instagram/thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry is reminding fans that "change is not failure."

On Thursday, the Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram to share a body positive message about transformation and change with her 2.2 million followers.

Landry is one of the many influencers who use social media to cultivate powerful conversations about motherhood, bodies and our relationship with ourselves.

In the post, the self love advocate shared eight different photos highlighting how her body has changed from 2008 until now — including weight loss, weight gain, and postpartum changes.

On the final slide, the mother-of-four wrote text to accompany each photo, explaining how she felt about her body at the time. For the 2008 photo, Landry wrote: "Four months postpartum and struggling to feel value."

For the 2016 snap, the Guelph, Ont.-native penned: "Hit lowest weight, felt fear over gaining and didn't feel satisfied." Finally, for the 2021 image, the influencer said: "Rediscovering, knows change will come, but that change doesn't bring value or peace. So she shows up today, every day."

In the caption, Landry opened up about how she has learned to love and accept her body.

"There comes a point in your life where your heart tells a bigger story than your body ever could. You know the difference between what looks like it is good and well and what actually is. You understand that a body is destined for change. You see yourself as you ebb and flow through seasons of life," she wrote. "And you stand in your present, fully knowing that this is a struggle. This is a war."

Landry went on to explain how although change and acceptance may seem foreign or scary, freedom surrounding your body is worth it in the end.

"But the fight feels less about you versus your body and more about you with your body taking on life together. Assumptions will be made. People will talk. Stories will be written with your name. And so you will hold your head high. Because your body is not the story. It never was. It was merely the cover. The story was, and always has been: you," the "Papaya Podcast" host continued. "So you take a deep breath. And move through another day. Your heart carrying what only the heart knows. And your body follows along, ready to support you the best ways it can and knows how."

"I have changed. A million times over. And a million more times to come. But I am not the stillness of a moment. A year. A chapter or two. I am an entire story. Held within a cover. Moving though life. Change is not failure. Change is an inevitable flow of existence. Quite different for each story," she concluded.

Sarah Nicole Landry is known for her body positive content. (Photo via Instagram/thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry is known for her body positive content. (Photo via Instagram/thebirdspapaya)

In the comments, fans praised the influencer for sharing her "inspirational" story and for motivating others to love the skin they're in.

"You are such a beautiful woman inside and out," wrote "ET Canada" host Sangita Patel.

"Do you know how inspirational you are? I will never forget how at peace and empowered your posts make me feel," commented a follower.

"Thank you for giving me something relatable and real to believe in. Needed this today," shared someone else.

"What a caption. I want to scream this to the world. Everyone has their story, and these stories are all worth sharing. Much love!" added another fan.

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