You Can Buy Mini Studded Starbucks Tumbler Key Chains For Your Coffee-Obsessed Friend

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If you consider yourself to be a Starbucks fan, then you probably have every branded tumbler imaginable. From their recently released jungle-inspired cups to items from the 50th anniversary line, real SB sippers know you can never have too many tumblers in your collection. Sometimes, that may even include getting a custom tumbler for yourself from someone on Etsy (like a ghoulish Jack Skellington Starbucks-inspired cup). Though I'm sure you could go on and on about your fascinating tumbler collection, if you haven't gotten the mini studded tumbler keychain yet I'm here to tell you that you'll most likely want to spend your money on this one, too.

Found on Etsy, this Starbucks-inspired keychain is the perfect gift to hand out to your latte-obsessed friend or an even better one to give yourself. Available in an assortment of colors—including two thermal color changing options—the 2.75-inch tall keychains come equipped with a color-coordinated tassel and silver key ring to quickly turn your keys into the stylish pair they deserve to be.

Each of the tumblers, which are made by ProcraftinatewAmber, are priced at just $5.50, so you'll be able to nab a few for your and your coffee-loving crew. Have a particular color combo in mind? Custom colored cups can be ordered too, but you'll just need to make sure you contact the seller prior to purchasing. Or, you can just order a rainbow colored tumbler key chain instead. Regardless of the option you go with though, whoever receives it will be just as happy as they are when they're sipping on their pumpkin spice latte.

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