Brittany Cartwright Reveals Relationship With Publicist Shared With Jax Taylor

Photo by MEGA/GC Images via Getty Images
Photo by MEGA/GC Images via Getty Images

The Bravoverse has been talking ever since that photo of Jax Taylor and his publicist began floating around.

However, in a previous episode of Jax’s podcast with Brittany Cartwright, the pair shut the rumors down. “It was cracking me up how everyone was going crazy about that picture you posted with our publicist Lori,” Brittany said. Later, Jax clarified that Lori has been a present figure in their lives for many years.

“I don’t know if people know this or not, but Lori’s been in our lives — she’s not only been in our lives, it’s been in Tom [Schwartz’s] life, it’s been in Kristen [Doute’s] life, Brittany’s life.”

Brittany and Jax said the photo of him with Lori wasn’t a big deal…

After the photo began circulating, it led fans of The Valley stars to begin speculating. But from Brittany’s perspective, the picture was blown out of proportion. “She’s our publicist and [a] very, very good friend of mine, so a photo like that, people I know were saying a lot of crap about it, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal,” she said.

Okay, sis. We’ll take your word on it. NOT.

Before they moved on, though, Brittany wanted to ensure listeners knew that the rumors circulating were flat-out ridiculous. “So, I want to make that clear, because Lori’s an amazing publicist, a super hard worker, and she does so much amazing work for us. I just want to make sure we clear that up because that’s just ridiculous.”

Since early 2024, Brittany and Jax have been at odds. The constant fighting and explosive outbursts were too much for Brittany to handle. Eventually, she packed her bags and relocated to a rental home. She discussed this on her podcast, saying the move was not only for her mental health but also for her son Cruz.

We’ll see more of their fallout on the continuation of The Valley, which airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c.


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