‘Bridgerton’ Fans Just Spotted This Modern-Day Mistake in the First Episode & We Can’t Unsee It

Jenzia Burgos
·1 min read

Is this the next Starbucks cup? Bridgerton’s modern mistake of yellow lines marking the street is certainly up there!

After skyrocketing to the top of Netflix’s Top 10 with over 63 million households tuning in to watch the Shonda Rhimes-produced series in the first four weeks alone, many Bridgerton fans are just starting to get around to binge-watching the show for a second time. And you know what that means: viewers are also spotting things that they missed after their first watch. In some cases, that means Lady Whistledown easter eggs, or hints about what we can all expect from Season 2 of Bridgerton (which is officially confirmed, BTW). Other times, eagle-eyed fans spot things that they aren’t *supposed* to notice—like an...

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