Breastfeeding mom freaks out when she starts leaking during TV theme song

A breastfeeding mom is going viral for her hilarious leakage freak-out — and the TV theme song that triggered it. Mom and TikToker, Kat Stuckey (@imdatmom) explains in her video that she's currently breastfeeding her one-month-old baby. And while breastfeeding, she always watches "One Tree Hill" on TV — something Kat says she's done since "day one" with her infant. But the day she filmed her now-viral TikTok, Kat did things a little differently: she decided to watch "One Tree Hill" on her own. during the theme song of her favorite show, Kat's let-down was triggered, and she began to leak. Thousands of mothers weighed in with comments sharing their own surprising let-down triggers