BLEACH London's New Reincarnation Range Will Bring Your Hair Back to Life

·1 min read

BLEACH London announced that it's expanding its ever-popular Reincarnation Mask into an all-new Reincarnation Range, complete with a bond-building shampoo and conditioner duo.

Formulated with powerful bond-restoring technology, the new duo is designed to improve the condition of your hair with every wash. Guaranteed to improve smoothness across different hair types, the products each feature the hero ingredient creatine, which aims to rebuild electrostatic bonds within the hair. The duo is also developed with hydrolyzed wheat proteins and hydrogenated castor oil which provide moisture for the scalp and smooth hair cuticles.

The new range comes as a result of the cult following garnered by BLEACH's signature Reincarnation Mask, a product which has often been described as a cheaper alternative to Olaplex. Utilizing the same powerful ingredients like protein and lactic acid, the shampoo and conditioner aim to provide the same results as the mask without needing to leave it in for as long.

BLEACH London's new Reincarnation range is now available for purchase from the brand's website.