Blazing quick ‘Battlebots’ match ends in massive explosion: ‘Two shots and it was over’

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It was a fiery extravaganza on BattleBots, Thursday, as one fight only lasted about five seconds before ending in a massive explosion. Robot warriors Uppercut and Free Shipping squared off against each other for a rematch in the Slugfest Championships. Their previous battle ended in spectacular fashion as Uppercut came away victorious.

“We've fought them before and they did quite a bit of damage to our frame,” said Free Shipping captain Gary Gin. “So, gotta try to make sure that doesn't happen again.”

Unfortunately for Gin, things went sideways quickly. Free Shipping incorporates a flamethrower as part of its weaponry, and that was the very first place Uppercut struck. Using its spinning rod, Uppercut tore into the side of Free Shipping and punctured the high-pressured weapons fuel, and eventually sparked a huge explosion.

“You see the fuel just spew out of there,” announcer Kenny Florian explains during replay. “And then Uppercut finishes the job. Bang, look at that butane ignite into a fireball there.”

Uppercut captain Alex Hattori and his team were thrilled they won, but the robotics engineer admitted that the fight ended a little too quickly.

“It took a lot longer to get the robot to be prepared for this fight than it took for the fight to go down,” Hattori said.

Uppercut advanced to the next round but was eliminated following a double KO.

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