Bill Hader and Conan add hilarious commentary to 'God of War'

Bill Hader joined Conan for the latest edition of Clueless Gamer, in which he and Conan O’Brien reviewed the new God of War, the sequel to 2010’s God of War lll (the seventh in the series chronologically, but previous games were loosely based on Greek mythology while this is loosely based on Norse mythology). Like its predecessor, God of War has two main protagonists, former Greek god of war Kratos and the king Atreus, so both Bill and Conan would get to play — if only they knew how. Fortunately for them, much of the game takes place automatically as part of the story, so they were able to sit back and do nothing more than provide commentary, though its accuracy is questionable.

At one point Kratos was fighting a monster, and Bill yelled, “I just wanted directions!” And so it went. While he was controlling Kratos choking another character, Bill put himself in the place of the guy being choked, making the scene sound more like a couple of bros having a disagreement than a fight to the death.

When it came time to give their reviews, Conan said, “The killing is very cathartic.” He then turned to Bill and said, “I thought you broke through a lot of levels of anger.” Bill replied with his eyes growing wild, “Yeah I did. I worked through some stuff with God of War and I think I can now use it in my life. So it’s good.” “Later, nine unsolved murders,” Conan said.

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