'Big Brother' experiences 'technical difficulties' during long-awaited Season 22 premiere

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Season 22 of Big Brother premiered Wednesday night, after being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the houseguests comprised all-stars, production thought it would be fun to make the game even more challenging, starting with the rooms. However, production glitches marred the reveal of the very first room.

Production took the current pandemic very seriously, as all the contestants were quarantined for 14 days and passed several tests for coronavirus. However, when it came time to separate the competitors they ran into trouble

After competing to see who would be Head of Household, a group known as the “have-nots” were cast off to a new themed room. The room was supposed to be extremely uncomfortable to live in, however, no one knows for sure because the room was locked.

The room was supposed to be the big reveal at the end of the show. However, the glitch left host Julie Chen-Moonves hanging, as the contestant repeatedly tried to enter the room.

“Just stay in the hall for seven days. I'm kidding. Well, as we work out our technical difficulties, I will say it's only going to be seven days you have to live in this room.”

The gaffe did not go unnoticed, as many fans called out the mistake on Twitter.

Unfortunately, production ran out of time before they could reveal the locked room. Luckily for fans, they can tune into the show at CBS.com and get a glimpse of what they missed.

Big Brother normally airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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