BFC Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients for 2023

The British Fashion Council announced the recipients of its 2022/2034 BFC Foundation BA and MA scholarship schemes, each of which aims to provide funding for students studying at one of their member colleges.

This year's selection sees nine new MA students awarded the scholarship alongside 14 new BA students, with applications assessed based on talent and financial need. Shortlisted applications are also reviewed by a panel of industry representatives, including designer Edward Crutchley, Grace Wales Bonner, Matty Bovan, MACHINE-A's Stavros Karelis and multidisciplinary artist Yinka IIlori.

BFC's MA funding includes scholarships from Chanel and Dior Men, both of which cover tuition fees, course costs and living expenses. This year's MA recipients include Angelica Ellis, Ross Palmer, Alexander Neil, Anastasiia Halushko, Francesca Lake, Isabelle MacInnes, Joshua Ewusie, Annabel Ballance and Stanley Bryan.

The BA scholarships have been awarded to Aleksandra Dulic Mezak, Ayham Musleh, Luke Hemingway, Manon Wilson, Roy Carmona, Sabreen Hassan, Alba Mas, Arielle Uno-Ekwang, Demetris Hadjimichail, Hannah Garner, Ilona Mandyradzhy, Malika Augustus, Serena Addington and Tj Finley.

Recipients come from fashion schools and universities all over the U.K., including Central Saint Martins, Manchester Fashion Institute, University of Westminster, Birmingham City University and University for the Creative Arts, alongside many more.

"It is amazing to see the level of talent this year and to see how creativity in London is flourishing. The recipients of this year's scholarships are incredibly well deserved," says Wales Bonner in a press release.

"The creative sector continues to face immense challenges and it's more important than ever before that young talent from all backgrounds are able to access creative education. This year's recipients have fresh voices and innovative ideas and I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and develop their work," adds Yinka Illori.

Stay tuned for more details from this year's recipients.