Ben Stiller is feeling bad about himself in a clip from 'Brad's Status' (exclusive)

It’s rare that a single minute of film dialogue can tell you everything you need to know about a character’s emotional state, but that’s the case with the above exclusive scene from the new comedy Brad’s Status, premiering Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Brad (Ben Stiller), looking dubious and disheveled, is getting the low-down on a mutual friend’s wedding that he wasn’t invited to from the much tanner, much healthier, and much wealthier Billy Wearslter (Jemaine Clement).

“Somebody asked about you, I forget who, they were asking about where you were, or whatever happened to you,” Billy says, oblivious to the soul-crushing blow he delivers from his tropical paradise.

Brad, as he puts it, has just been “doing his thing” — but as the clip reveals, is experiencing a crisis in confidence. He’s wondering what became of his own youthful dreams and aspirations, as he tours his teenage son (Austin Abrams) around prospective colleges and touches base with his more successful friends from the past.

Written and directed by Mike White (Year of the Dog), Brad’s Status also stars Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson, and Michael Sheen. The film premieres Saturday in Toronto before opening in select cities Sept. 15.

Watch the trailer for Brad’s Status:

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