How to hold yourself accountable when benefitting from systems 'rooted in racism'

Today is Day 3 of a 5-day challenge in partnership with Frederick Joseph, author of The Black Friend, for the Yahoo Life x 5-Day Allyship Pledge. This is a guided program you can follow along with from home to learn how to identify your privilege, recognize systems of oppression and become a better ally.

After taking inventory of our own privilege on Day 1, and learning to be uncomfortable in a productive way on Day 2, we are ready to move on to the next step.

The Day 3 challenge is all about accountability, Joseph says, defining accountability as “taking ownership for the ways in which we benefit from other people's oppression.”

For example, many people have a hard time understanding how they contribute to racism, when they do not intentionally exhibit racist behavior, said Joseph.

“But even if you don't see yourself as a racist, you [may] still benefit from systems rooted in racism,” he explains, saying it is not enough to ignore the oppression of others just because you did not create the conditions for it to exist.

Joseph shares a list of systems of oppression to help when considering systems that you wish to dismantle that marginalize others.