Beauty and Mr. Romantic: Im Soo-Hyang and Ji Hyun-Woo Share a Passionate Kiss

Beauty and Mr. Romantic
Im Soo-Hyang & Ji Hyun-Woo in Beauty and Mr. Romantic (Photo Credit: KBS)

KBS2’s ongoing K-drama, Beauty and Mr. Romantic, featuring Im Soo-Hyang and Ji Hyun-Woo, is buzzing among the audience. It started slow but picked up the pace soon. The storyline revolves around an ace actress, Park Do-Ra (Soo-Hyang), and a producing director, Go Pil-Seung (Hyun-Woo). When she faces a rough spot in her career, Pil-Seung helps her get back on her feet.

Park Do-Ra and Go Pil-Seung, who reunite after 15 years while working on a project, have a childhood past. After recognizing Do-Ra, Pil-Seung started to ignore her. However, when she discovers Pil-Seung is her Go Dae-Chong ‘oppa’ from her childhood, she can’t stop thinking about it—the narrative delves into their love story and the families surrounding them.

Beauty and Mr. Romantic released new photos teasing Im Soo-Hyang & Ji Hyun-Woo’s romance

KBS shared pictures depicting how Park Do-Ra (Im Soo-Hyang) and Pil-Seung’s (Ji Hyun-Woo) characters evolved. However, the first picture shows the last shot of the previous episode of Beauty and Mr. Romantic. As they spend some time together, Do-Ra realizes that she is slowly falling for Go Pil-Seung.

After realizing this, Do-Ra confesses her feelings to Go Pil-Seung (Ji Hyun-Woo), who ignores it completely. Slowly, he starts to worry about her and goes after her to find her, and she arranges a meeting with Gong Jin-Dan (Go Yoon).

After some conversation, Go Pil-Seung takes Park Do-Ra and hides in a dark alley as he doesn’t want people to recognize her. The episode ends with a passionate kiss between them, leaving the viewers in awe of what will happen next.

The chemistry between Im Soo-Hyang and Ji Hyun-Woo in Beauty and Mr. Romantic is undoubtedly undeniable. The Saturday-Sunday drama’s next episode will premiere on April 27, 2024, at 7:55 p.m. KST on KBS.

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