'Beauty and the Beast' Gives a Glimpse of Emma Watson's Belle in First Teaser

Disney’s 2015 live-action Cinderella took in $543.5 million at the global box-office, so it was no surprise when the studio announced big plans to remake their animated classics with living, breathing humans — a project that began paying off with the spring blockbuster, The Jungle Book. And now, we have a tantalizing, rose-tinted teaser of Beauty and the Beast (watch it above), which Disney is betting on to keep the momentum going.

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In today’s newly released sneak peek, we get our first, oh-so-brief peek at Emma Watson as Belle, the yellow-dressed princess of the Oscar-winning 1991 animated film. She’ll be joined by Dan Stevens (as the Beast), Luke Evans (as Gaston), Kevin Kline (as Maurice), Josh Gad (as Le Fou), Ewan McGregor (as Lumiere), Stanley Tucci (as Cadenza), Ian McKellen (as Cogsworth), and Emma Thompson (as Mrs. Potts). It’s a formidable lineup for a new telling of the classic tale of a young girl’s unlikely romance with an animalistically cursed prince. Though none of those co-stars appear on-screen in this initial look — we’re privy to only the brief sounds of the Beast’s enchanted housemates whispering about Belle’s arrival at the castle — we do get a tour around and through that chilly, CG-ified estate, culminating with a shot of Watson’s heroine gazing longingly at the red rose that’s central to the Beast’s unholy affliction.

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The teaser ends with an invitation to “Be Our Guest,” but there’s no rush to RSVP: Beauty and the Beast (directed by Bill Condon) is scheduled to arrive in theaters 10 months from now, on March 17, 2017.

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