Balenciaga Reveals Summer-Ready Crocs Pool Slides

Returning with another redefining collaboration, Balenciaga and Crocs have partnered together to create the Pool Slide. Adding an elevated sole unit with a 5mm arch for aquatic activities, the sporty shoe is perfect for a dip in the water.

Following Demna’s innovative heeled clogs and knee-high boots, the Pool Slides arrive in an array of vibrant bright shades from green, pink, white, yellow and black, as well as a tropical-inspired tulip print and dark floral pattern. Balenciaga’s moniker can be seen embossed on the vamp covering and underside of each shoe.

Available for $565 USD, the Balenciaga’s Crocs Pool Slides can be purchased on Balenciaga’s online store. Take a look at the Pool Slides in the gallery above.