I Don't Think You're Brave Enough To Watch These 21 Horror Films

International horror movies never fail to take my breath away. Asian filmmakers have really raised the bar and pushed the limits of storytelling...and scaring the crap out of people.

Kevin McCallister runs down a hallway and screams

Here are 21 Asian horror movies you should stream tonight with the lights off:

1.The Wailing

A man in a police uniform and tie walks beneath a traditional gate in the rain, holding an object in his hand


Sandra Oh, portraying a distressed character, is screaming with an intense expression


A woman, dressed in a simple, long-sleeved white dress, sits alone on a chair in a minimalist setting; her hands are placed on her knees

4.Pulse (2001)

A young man intensely focused on a computer screen in a dimly lit room

5.Shutter (2004)

A woman is taking a picture with a vintage instant camera in a laboratory filled with jars on metal shelves

6.Dark Water (2002)

A young girl peering out from behind patterned curtains, an expression of curiosity on her face


Close-up of a woman with an expression of shock or fear

8.Train to Busan

A young girl stands in an airport holding a stuffed animal. Behind her, people appear to be in chaos and distress


A character from the movie "Ringu" walks toward you

10.A Tale of Two Sisters

Close-up of a distressed character with short hair partially covering one eye

11.Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Person holding a camera in a dark, eerie setting with a frightened expression

Shaky cam, activate! Found footage is almost its own genre, and this 2018 South Korean horror film is one of the better ones of the 2010s.

A horror web series crew travels into an abandoned asylum but encounters something terrifying.

Don't go into a dark room alone.


12.The Bridge Curse

A frightened woman hides behind a man while they look at moniters

13.May the Devil Take You

A person with long hair, wearing a jacket, stands facing an old, weathered house surrounded by greenery

This Indonesian film was the first horror movie I watched in 2024 (I watch horror weekly), and I was not ready for stomach-turning scares.

A girl looks for answers as she visits her late father's old house.

There is plenty of gore that will have you turning away, and it never pulls any punches.


14.The Medium

A woman with long hair looks distressed in a dimly lit room; a man is visible in the background


A scared woman embraces a man

16.The Call (2020)

Actress Park So-dam smiling brightly while talking on the phone in a close-up shot from a TV show or movie

17.The 3rd Eye

A bed floats in mid-air

18.The Whole Truth (2021)

A large hole is visible in a textured wall with a patterned design

19.The Rope Curse

A woman with a scarf stands outdoors at night, looking contemplative, with lights and smoke in the background. No names are provided in the request

This Taiwanese movie walks the line of found footage and folklore. It has many elements you'd find in a "Horror Trope Survival Guide," which isn't always terrible.

A couple becomes tangled in a curse after witnessing a mysterious ritual.

The movie was so popular that it earned a trilogy.


20.Noroi: The Curse

A young woman appears concerned while a shape stands behind her

21.And finally, Cure

A man with medium-length hair looking solemnly downward, from a low angle, in an indoor setting

Is there an Asian horror movie you love? Comment below!

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