Has Ariana Grande been wearing her 'engagement ring' since 2016? There are serious conspiracy theories about her romance with Pete Davidson

Suzy Byrne
·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Ariana Grande has some hardcore fans and they are raising good questions about her engagement ring — as well as the timeline of her romance with Pete Davidson.

the chamber of secrets has been opened …

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First, the “engagement” ring — and let’s put that in quotes because let’s remember that she hasn’t confirmed that she’s engaged. Sources have said they’re engaged. She replied to a comment about being engaged. But our favorite high pony-obsessed singer hasn’t said: Yes, I am engaged to Pete Davidson. So that is where we are starting with this mess.

Let’s jump into said ring. There’s speculation that her symbol of love from the Saturday Night Live star is actually a piece of jewelry that she’s worn before, dating back to a 2016 appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.

While the rings certainly look similar, upon closer inspection, there do appear to be some differences: For instance, the bands look different. The one on her new ring is thinner. The new ring also has small diamonds around the bigger diamond. There are definitely similarities — the teardrop or pear shape — but beyond that they don’t seem to be the same.

Ariana Grande’s new engagement ring next to a ring she wore in 2016. (Photo: Getty Images/NBC)
Ariana Grande’s new engagement ring next to a ring she wore in 2016. (Photo: Getty Images/NBC)

Besides, Greg Yuna, who designed the ring, spoke to E! News about making the ring last month. He said that Davidson called him “at the end of May” to say he needed a ring, omitting all other details — like who it was for. “I told him that I had the right ring for him,” said Yuna who goes by the nickname of — wait for it — Mr. Flawless. “He … told me to keep it a secret.” It took two weeks to make and Davidson paid $93,000 for the 3-carat ring, according to Yuna. TMZ had the first look at the diamond, which Grande has been wearing since at least June 2 when she performed with it on at Wango Tango.

OK, fine. So he bought a new ring. And it’s a ring that looks just like another ring that she has or had. How the heck did he afford it?

Another great question — one of the folks at InStyle took seriously. They looked at his net worth ($500,000) compared to hers ($45 million) — and clearly the new lovebirds are in different leagues financially. While his career is on the rise with two films later this month (and so many more people now know him because of his insta-romance), if he did pay in full for it — as Yuna said he did — it is 20 percent of his current net worth. Perhaps Yuna gave Davidson a discount in exchange for the publicity.

But really, the whole Grande and Davidson timeline raises so many questions — and we aren’t the only ones who think that.

Here’s basically what we’re working with:

May 10: Grande’s breakup with Mac Miller after two years makes headlines. The split supposedly took place the month before Coachella.
May 12: Grande attends the SNL afterparty.
May 16: Davidson says his relationship with girlfriend Cazzie David was over as well. They were also together for two years.
May 18: Bossip reports that Grande and Davidson are hanging out.
May 20: A fan gets video of Davidson hanging out with Grande and her crew at the Billboard Music Awards.
May 21 : Reports state that Grande and Davidson are “casually” dating.
“Late May”: Davidson asked Yuna for the ring, which took two weeks to make. (If it took two weeks, this must have happened on May 19 or before.)
May 30: Davidson posts a photo with Grande in Hogwarts gear confirming the romance.
June 2: Grande is seen wearing her engagement ring at Wango Tango.
June 9: They start telling people they are engaged.
June 11: News breaks they’re engaged.

Refinery29 went deep on the timeline, speculating: “The tattoos, the ring, the social media fawning: this feels less like the behavior of a brand new couple and more like the behavior of a couple who has finally been allowed to brag about their relationship.”

So could they have been dating before May? Not impossible. The article also talks about Davidson’s show at Kenyon College in Ohio on April 21 and he told the audience that he would probably marry his girlfriend. Leading some to think that he was secretly dating Grande then, keeping in touch after meeting when she appeared on SNL in March 2016.

Due to the inconsistencies in the timeline, so many more conspiracy theories are growing.

What is your theory? Let us know.

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