Anti Social Social Club Taps Martha Stewart for Capsule Collection

·1 min read

Anti Social Social Club has teamed up with the inimitable Martha Stewart for its latest collection, making for 2022's most surprising pairing yet. Dropping on July 30, the Los Angeles-based streetwear brand offers comfy T-shirts and hoodies featuring the iconic American homemaker and businesswoman. While the collaboration may seem a bit random, those in the know are well aware of Stewart's street credentials as she's pretty much on a first name basis with Snoop Dogg.

Grounded in an understated color palette of black and white, the collection includes two separate images of Stewart -- one holding a lobster, while the other showcases her biting into an oyster. Take a peek at the collection in the gallery above and visit Anti Social Social Club’s online store on July 30 at 11 am EST to grab yours.