This Anti-Hair Loss Spray That Drastically Reduces Shedding, Dandruff & Oil Is At Amazon For $20

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Using beauty products that contain rice water is widely popular in several regions in Asia, as many people see it as a beneficial ingredient for maintaining hair health. Rice water is made up of many vitamins and nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins C, E and B, which can contribute to growth, shine and softness. It also works as a fantastic detangler, making it an optimal ingredient to keep on hand during the winter months. If you’ve never given haircare with rice water a go before, consider beginning with the ProBliva Rice Water Growth Treatment.

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The leave-in scalp spray has already begun to make waves amongst Amazon shoppers for its effective results. Beyond rice water, the formula contains other anti-loss additives, such as caffeine, biotin, castor oil and rosemary oil, which help promote stronger hair follicles stimulating the scalp for long-term health benefits. These ingredients are also superior at soothing irritated skin, calming inflammation and encouraging thicker strands for increased volume.

Lucky for you, it’s on sale at Amazon for $20, which is the lowest price it’s had in the past 30 days. Scoop one up while it still has a 20 percent discount!


ProBliva Rice Water Spray

ProBliva Rice Water Spray $19.99

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The paraben- and cruelty-free spray has earned a 4.3 approval rating from reviewers who claim to have seen a difference in both volume and growth from continued use. One person rejoiced that their “hairline has been growing back” and that it’s now so thick, “it takes 3 times the amount of time to blow dry.” 

“I have been struggling with hair issues due to hormonal imbalances. This spray is a lifesaver,” they continued. “My hair is thicker and feels like a silk ribbon after using this spray. For those sensitive to perfumes, there is no noticeable scent.”

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“Today was the third day and there was practically no shedding in my shower this morning,” raved another fan, who says clumps of hair falling out have “completely stopped” since using this spray. “I had been dealing with excessive dandruff/sebum on the scalp as well and that is also almost all gone. My scalp and hair feel healthy and fresh. I can not describe the relief of not having to pick up gobs of hair out of the shower drain.”

I guess rice water really is all that. 

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