Erika Jayne Accuses Kathy Hilton Of Using A Slur On Tonight's 'RHOBH' Reunion

Erika Jayne Accuses Kathy Hilton Of Using A Slur On Tonight's 'RHOBH' Reunion

It’s hard to believe it, but the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is officially over. And a lot went down.

There was a major blowup between Kyle Richards and her sister, Kathy Hilton. Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Jayne had some words. Everyone got a good chuckle during the Homeless Not Toothless fundraiser. Erika Jayne’s ongoing legal and personal dramas took center stage. And of course, there was the Aspen trip from hell. And that's just naming a handful of the many, many issues that cropped up.

Now, there’s a 3-part reunion that concludes Oct. 26, to check in on all the ladies, giving them time to rehash all the drama and air (their many) grievances. Andy Cohen shared on Instagram that “this is gonna be good,” and I have a feeling he's not wrong about that.

But in case you need evidence, the trailer has also dropped.

And it looks like Bravo saved the most explosive claims for tonight's episode. That's because Erika accuses Kathy of using a homophobic slur off-camera, according to TMZ. Kathy denies the claim.

Buckle up, everyone. Here's what's in store:

Who will be there?

A Bravo teaser video showing the outfits each woman would be wearing at reunion show suggested that the following cast members will be present for the reunion drama-dump:

Some of the women also shared their looks online before the reunion aired.

Here's one:

And another:

Who wasn't there?

Diana Jenkins didn't show up in person because she apparently tested positive for COVID, but she will join remotely, People reported. And IG account Queens of Bravo shared that Sheree Zampino was a total no-show.

Erika Jane accuses Kathy Hilton of using a slur during their Aspen trip.

According to TMZ, on tonight's reunion finale, Erika accuses Kathy of making a homophobic comment during the ill-fated Aspen trip. Kathy denies ever using the slur and calls Erika a liar.

Erika claims that Kathy used a slur against someone the cast was around earlier this season, per TMZ. However, she says that it happened off-camera. After Kathy's strong denial, some of the Housewives defended her. However, Kathy's sister, Kyle, just sits quietly next to Kathy during the back and forth with Erika.

TMZ sources say that Bravo investigated Erika's claim, but found it's basically a case of she said, she said: It's Erika's word against Kathy's.

Hours before the episode airs, Erika took to social media to double down on her claims. “I was there. It happened. What the ‘audience’ chooses to believe is beyond my control,” she statement shared via her Instagram Story on Wednesday.

rhobh kathy hilton erika jayne accusation
Erika Jayne / Instagram

“I will never back down from the truth of what happened that night at the club in Aspen.”

Where was it filmed?

From the trailer, it looks like it was shot on a set decorated like the Beverly Hills Hotel, complete with cute cabanas. The women are sitting in the middle of the set.

Kyle was “not looking forward to it.”

Kyle said in a Bravo video that the reunion specials always take forever to film. The reunion is “a very long shoot. Next to [the] Season 5 [reunion], this is the reunion I’m the least looking forward to. I never look forward to any of them, by the way,” she said.

And I believe it...after all, she's breaking down, crying, in the trailer. "I'm really not okay right now," she says before asking Andy if she can leave the show early. "Kyle's a wreck," Andy says.

Erika said on Watch What Happens Live, per E! that the reunion was “a lot.” She added, "It was really trying, and it was hard to see some family dynamics in front of us."

Kyle and Kathy are barely speaking after the reunion.

So, things definitely do go down, because apparently, there's some bad blood between the sisters RN.

A source told People that Kyle and Kathy brought “a lot of tense energy” to the reunion, adding, "They cannot reconcile, and it's all so complicated because nobody's backing down.” Seeing the fight in action was like watching “years of family trauma that hasn't been dealt with,” according to the source.

In fact, the finale apparently gets so heated that Kathy’s daughters, Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild, have had to get involved (how they "get involved" is unclear at the moment). And while no one knows exactly what goes down between Kathy and Kyle yet, a recent interaction on Instagram proves things are still not going great.

“Why is she so upset and crying? I’m the one who bullied and percacuted for 10 months! Just cruel and disgusting,” Kathy commented on a post. “Why? You know exactly why,” Kyle responded.

"They always make up, but this is a little different because Kathy is front and center on camera. She hasn't been forced to be vulnerable,” the source said. And apparently, the sisters have only communicated "loosely via text only since the reunion." Yikes.

Lisa Rinna plans to unload.

Lisa went on her Instagram Stories to reveal that she had plans to expose a cast member. “I have been ‘threatened’ for the past 4 months by ‘people’ basically trying to scare me, trying to ruin my credibility, trying to call me a liar, creating things that aren’t true and don’t exist, but guess what? Today we’re going to sit down and we are going to talk about it all,” she wrote, per Page Six. “I will tell my truth. And yes you better believe I’m gonna talk about it all.”

Lisa didn’t name names, but she shared texts between herself and Kathy where Kathy reportedly asked her to “please not say anything we discussed.” the text continued, “Otherwise, it will make a huge scene that everyone gets dragged into. Please it goes further than you would want to know. Silence is golden. I am staying silent.”

Lisa has also unfollowed Garcelle, Sutton, and Crystal on Instagram.

It looks like Kathy is the one Lisa Rinna is fighting.

Now that the trailer is now out, it's kind of easy to try and connect the dots about who Lisa might have beef with. Lisa says she was abused by Kathy after Kathy calls her "the biggest bully in Hollywood," to which Lisa replied by posting....this:

Kathy also says that Lisa Rinna "fights with everybody" and was the reason Lisa Vanderpump left the show, resulting in shocked faces from many of the women.

Rumors that Dorit and Kyle's husband are having an affair will be addressed.

Mauricio, Kyle's husband, is rumored to have an affair with Dorit, which looks like it will be talked about, according to the trailer. "And then I heard we were swapping," Kyle says in response.

Erika Jayne opens up about her relationships after splitting with Tom Girardi.

“You have to have a roster, it’s like a team,” she says when Andy asks her about having any "regular friends with benefits."

Andy also asks if Erika is "her own worst enemy," to which Kyle steps in to say that she's "out of control." Erika replies by saying "I wasn't out of control, I was angry."

Kyle shows off some new ink.

Apparently, Kyle has three new tattoos that she will be showing at the reunion. She now has an ankle tattoo of a crescent moon with stars on her ankle, one arm tattoo of the outline of a heart, and another arm tattoo with the roman numeral 18, per People.Apparently, her daughter Alexia has an 18 tattooed on her as well, and it's their family's lucky number.

There was no cast photo at the end.

At the end of every reunion, the cast typically takes a picture together. This time…they didn’t. Gasp. "That was a first," Andy said. "And I didn't even kind of push it. I think when you will see why."

When does it air?

The three-part RHOBH season 12 reunion starts airing on Wednesday, October 12.

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