Mazel Tov! These 'AFV' Wedding Cake Fails are Cause for Celebration

·Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s a Saturday in August, which probably means that you’re going to a wedding — as June, August, September and October and the most popular months for couples to tie the knot. Let’s just hope that whatever happy couple you’re heading out to celebrate today does not suffer the same wedding-cake-related indignities seen here in this AFV montage. 

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Tables tipping over, multi-tiered confections undermined by faulty plastic columns, and good old fashioned cake-in-your-face shenanigans — it’s all here. (Speaking of which, in our humble opinion, forcibly slamming an entire layer of cake into your new bride’s face — as more than one man does here — should be grounds for divorce.) There’s also an unexpected visit from some kind of spiny lizard creature, but I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised — as AFV fans know, even animals like a sweet treat now and then.

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