Amazon's New Rustic Storefront Has Everything to Transform Your Space Into a Cozy Cabin

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Amazon Cabin Storefront
Amazon Cabin Storefront

You may remember the cottagecore trend blowing up on our social media feeds last spring. Cottage-inspired antique furniture and decor detailed with floral accents were filling homes to create a tranquil and airy space. Now that fall has begun, shoppers are moving towards a cozier, more rustic home aesthetic. Enter cabincore: the fall decor and fashion trend that's garnered millions of tags on TikTok and Instagram. The style is so popular because it prioritizes comfort, warmth, and of course, autumn colors.

The good news is, you can easily shift your cottagecore home into cabincore mode because both rely on natural wood furnishings and vintage-inspired decor. The one main difference is that cabincore staples include buffalo plaid, flannel and fleece fabrics, and leather upholstered furniture all in warm fall tones.

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If you're hesitant to swap your all-season decor to a fall-centered style, Amazon has an entire storefront of affordable cabincore furniture and decor items to choose from. The storefront includes 171 items, including leather furniture, wooden benches, steel log hoops and lanterns, and the coveted buffalo plaid throw pillows and fleece blankets. To narrow down your search for the perfect cabincore pieces, we've curated a list of our 13 favorite picks. And they're all under $210.

Cabincore Throw Pillows and Blankets:

realsimple - 81 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 13 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 21 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 10 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 33 Available at Amazon

The first step to transforming your home into a cabin-inspired respite is adding plaid throw pillows and blankets made of fleece, faux fur, or wool. Imagine snuggling on the couch with a steaming cup of tea in this "velvety soft" faux fur blanket that's large enough for two people. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a wool blanket, this cozy wool and polyester blend blanket is just $33. And nothing says cabin quite like this fleece buffalo plaid blanket that's just waiting to be curled up in. Pair the blankets with plaid throw pillow covers that can easily be swapped once springtime arrives—prices start at just $10 for a set of two.

Cabincore Furniture:

realsimple - 45 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 159 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 188 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 210 Available at Amazon

If your living room furniture could use an upgrade, consider adding a few pieces in true cabincore style. This accent club chair is the perfect vessel for reading in front of a roaring fire. Its rounded curves, studded design, and leather upholstery is both comfortable and eye-catching. Pair the leather picks with these natural wood side tables and benches to create a calming space with just the right amount of contrast and texture.

Other Cabincore Decor:

realsimple - 80 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 43 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 68 Available at Amazon

realsimple - 16 Available at Amazon

After you've stocked up on blankets and pillows or invested in a furniture upgrade, it's time to fill your space with other cabincore decor. Bring more texture into your space with steel lanterns and lighting accents, and if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, this steel log ring is a cozy decor piece and a necessity to keep your wood dry. Lastly, nothing ties a cozy space together like an area rug—and this plush rug brings a lightly detailed texture to contrast your darker furniture and decor pieces.

Head to Amazon to shop the latest fall home decor trend for the cabin-inspired living room of your dreams.