Alexia Nepola Shares Main Priority Amid Suprise Divorce With Todd

Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for The Stronach Group
Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for The Stronach Group
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News of Todd Nepola’s divorce filing from Alexia Nepola shocked the Bravoverse. With recent reports of a Real Housewives of Miami cast shakeup, the ongoing divorce will likely keep Alexia on board. Granted, that might be the only good news for Alexia from this situation.

While the split might be difficult, it could be the best thing for Alexia – a blessing in disguise. RHOM Season 6 viewers saw Todd’s questionable behavior in his relationship with Alexia. For example, his failure to show up at her Nuevos Horizontes party despite his promise that he would.

Then, when it came time for the couple to move out of their place, Todd left that matter entirely on her shoulders. Alexia was left to find and purchase a new living space all on her own. But while the situation might be shocking, Alexia has her priorities in order.

Alexia highlights her sons amid difficulties

On April 21, Alexia posted a series of pictures to Instagram with the caption “MY PRIORITY.” The features showed her with her sons, Frankie and Peter Rosello. The caption continued, “The reason I smile and the reason I keep going.” Longtime fans of RHOM certainly know how much Alexia’s sons mean to her.

The comments on Alexia’s post were flooded with support. Frankie left a comment simply saying, “I love you mom.” Even Adriana de Moura popped up in the comments to leave three hearts. Other commenters pointed out that Todd never appeared to treat Alexia’s sons all that well. Miami stalwarts may recall an intense fight between Todd and Peter over Peter’s treatment of Frankie and lack of responsibility.

Admittedly, Todd made some decent points. And, in all fairness, Peter has always gotten into his share of trouble. However, viewers who watched Season 6 saw Peter evolving, feeling ready to take on the role of Frankie’s guardian, should anything happen to Alexia. Moreover, Peter supported Alexia with her moving fiasco, a situation in which Todd was notably absent.

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