The "Air Cut" Is Your Solution To Curing Limp and Volumeless Hair

Flat hair for the holiday season is a big no. If you need any volumizing or hairstyle tips, Tiktok is always your place to land. This is why when we ran across the popular "Air Cut" haircut, it just made sense to share the tea during these festive times.

The "Air Cut" was popularized in Korea and given the name due to its multi-layered, "airy" display. Defying the natural state of limp hair, the "air cut" frames the face with a series of layered, fluffy pieces that promote body and full movement. Although the look was initially intended for fine tresses, it can work on all hair textures — especially the thicker textures that desire weight to be taken out of it. In the mind of the "butterfly," hairstyle the "air cut" features floaty bangs to complete the freshly blown-out look. However, if bangs aren't for you, ask your stylist to leave you with a few face-framing layers to bring out the versatility of the style.

It would be remiss if we didn't mention that for the "air cut" to survive, you must keep to your regular salon appointments. Any layered style is hard to maintain on your own, and the airiness and fullness will diminish should you miss more than one appointment. Please don't say we never warned you of anything.