Ace Austin Re-Signs With TNA Wrestling

ace austin
Photo Credit: TNA
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Ace Austin will remain with TNA.

As the new era of TNA Wrestling continues, so does the tenure of Ace Austin. Earlier today, TNA confirmed that the two-time tag team champion inked a new deal with their company. Austin has been a regular fixture on TNA programming since 2019, emerging as a prominent player in both the tag team and X-Division. Currently, Austin can frequently be seen wrestling alongside the other half of the ABC tandem, Chris Bey.

Austin opened up about his decision to remain with TNA in a new interview with Denise Salcedo. While he looks to further expand his resume, Austin is also looking to explore some non-wrestling projects. As such, Austin believes TNA Wrestling is the ideal place to accomplish both.

“I’m definitely looking to stay with TNA because being with TNA allows you freedom that doesn’t exist anywhere else,” Austin said. “If I stay with TNA, my options are still open in the whole world. There’s no working relationship that TNA is not open to having, and I love that. That’s been one of the huge selling points for me since I first started, the freedom.”

“I’m actively working on being a part of some acting and stunt projects this year, and it’s a realm I really want to get a taste of. The only place I can really do that effectively is [with] TNA. Not even just that, it’s unfinished business. Three-time X-Division Champion, two-time tag team champion – there’s still one missing. It means a lot to me to to complete that collection. When there’s still opportunity on the table, you got to reach the peak before you can look towards the next peak. I’m still climbing.”

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