At 59, Kristin Davis Glows in Fresh-Faced Selfie After Being ‘Ridiculed’ for Filler Use

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Kristin Davis Glows In Makeup-Free SelfieDia Dipasupil - Getty Images
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  • Kristin Davis, 59, shared a makeup-free selfie on Instagram.

  • Fans praised the star for her all-natural glow.

  • In the past, Davis has opened up about experience with cosmetic procedures and body shaming.

Kristin Davis is putting her glowing, make-up-free face front and center, for all her fans to see.

In a new Instagram post, the And Just Like That… star shared a throwback photo from her trip to Kenya earlier this year—featuring a fresh-faced, no-makeup selfie with voluminous tresses in the African sun. “Jet lagged, but the Kenya hair is worth it ❤️,” she captioned the snap—and her followers were quick to praise her for keeping it real.

Fans flooded the comments with love for Davis’ au-naturel look. One wrote: “You really look great without makeup!!! 😍” and another chimed in, “Fresh faced and beautiful!!” One follower shared the sentiment we were all thinking, “Yesterday, today, and forever a true beauty.”

Davis’ post comes almost a year after she opened up about receiving numerous negative comments about how her appearance has changed with age. While she’s been open about getting facial fillers, she shared with The Telegraph in June 2023 that she’s been “ridiculed relentlessly” by people online for undergoing cosmetic treatments.

In the interview, Davis shared that the first cosmetic procedure she tried was Botox, and then she experimented with facial fillers. “I have done fillers and it’s been good and I’ve done fillers and it’s been bad,” she told The Telegraph. Davis has said that she’s since gotten the fillers dissolved, which caused even more negative comments to come her way. “I have shed tears about it… It’s very stressful.”

However, Davis has been subject to public scrutiny about her body for a long time. In a June 2023 interview with Haute Living, the star admitted that playing Charlotte York in Sex and the City only heightened her negative self-image over the years.

While Davis explained in the interview that she loved playing Charlotte, she said that “all of the body shaming I’ve been subjected to for the past 25 years,” made the experience painful. Davis even recalled the media calling her “pear-shaped” as opposed to Sarah Jessica Parker’s “skinny.”

Davis continued at the time: “It is really hard to hear things like that, and then be told, ‘Oh, everyone should love their bodies.’ When you’ve had decades of this coming at you, it’s really hard to just be like, ‘Yes, I’m great, I’m good. I love my body,’” she said. “I’m working on it obviously, and now I do care less, thank God.”

Despite ridicule, the star moved past it. “But I’m good now,” she confirmed at the time. “I’ve been working on myself. And that is one thing you learn from doing it for a long time: you go, ‘Here I am! This is me!’ That does come with time,” Davis said. “And it’s true: here I am, and I am not perfect. I shouldn’t have to say that, but I’m happy to.”

We think Davis is glowing from the inside out. We can’t wait to see what she shares with her fans next!

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